An ACR Odyssey - 2nd Section

Here are the rest of the photos from the Odyssey.....

acro31.jpg (124661 bytes) The next day I rode the regular passenger train to Canyon and return. It is a lot more relaxed than the Tour Train, and you travel at a more casual pace, and you can see local colour... Here is a "garbage car" at the Canyon Park, made from a pulpwood rack. July 8, 2001.
acro32.jpg (107509 bytes) On the southbound return from Canyon, we stopped at Frater to unload some ATV's and other camping gear. In the winter the ramps are used to load snow machines. July 8, 2001.
acro33.jpg (122485 bytes) This is all that remains of Frater station, where I lived and worked for a couple of years in the late '70's. This is what it used to look like back in 1964! This photo taken from the baggage car door on July 8, 2001.
acro34.jpg (56465 bytes) Here are "famous" F units that the ACR used for about 5 years, and now are stored pending the outcome of the CNR takeover of the WC and ACR. Taken from the train on July 8, 2001.
acro35.jpg (65542 bytes) Next day I was on my way to Hearst (with the "Tour of the Line" ticket) when these foamers were spotted wasting film :).  July 9, 2001 at Heyden, Ont.
acro36.jpg (109910 bytes) Two of the foamers have jumped ahead of the train and are shooting near Northland, Ont. July 9, 2001. Run and gun, so to speak.....
acro37.jpg (91312 bytes) We are pulling into the siding at Canyon and the Tour Train is ready to pull on our arrival.
acro38.jpg (76573 bytes) The most scenic part of the Agawa Canyon is not seen by the Tour Train passengers! Here is a spot about 1 mile north of the Canyon Park.
acro39.jpg (91676 bytes) This is the narrowest part of the Canyon, at Mille 116 1/2. There is a stone monument here, but the plate with the text about the Canyon is missing.
acro40.jpg (100524 bytes) A little further north is this group of ATV'ers getting their equipment for No. 2 (the southbound passenger) to pick up in about an hour.
acro41.jpg (87254 bytes) This is some of rail taken up from the branch in the last few months. It is supposed to be welded together and then re-laid between Mead and Oba. Hawk Jct., Ont. on July 8, 2001.
acro42.jpg (98672 bytes) Here is a view looking up the hill where the Michipicoten Branch started from Hawk. Now nothing but a snow machine trail. July 8, 2001.
acro43.jpg (82029 bytes) One of the many hunting, fishing, and boating camps along the ACR. This one is at Wabatong, about Mille 209. July 8, 2001.
acro44.jpg (68606 bytes) At Hale we went into the siding to let the southbound freight by. The WC 590 is the class unit for the SDL39's. July 9, 2001.
acro45.jpg (84419 bytes) That evening at Hearst I used up some No. 25B flashbulbs. Here I used 1 bulb on the nose while available light lit up the side quite well. 30 sec. @ f 5.6 on Kodachrome 64.
acro46.jpg (74059 bytes) Here I used 6 bulbs, one on the nose and 5 evenly spaced along the side.
acro47.jpg (57743 bytes) My first shot of the new ONR paint scheme. It was around 11 pm before it was dark enough to take these shots.
acro48.jpg (64859 bytes) The next morning we are at Oba, where the CNR and the ACR cross. The station here was recently torn down, but the train order signal for the ACR is still standing. Here is Oba Station back in 1976.
acro49.jpg (78448 bytes) The station at Franz is also gone, but at least it was saved and moved to Dubreuilville for use as a civic centre. Here is a view of where the station used to be, and of the interchange tracks to the CPR. Here is the station in 1983.
acro50.jpg (79134 bytes) That evening back at the Soo the SOFD was just leaving towards Soo, Mich. with this consist of a SD45 and GP30. The International Bridge is in the background.
acro51.jpg (106822 bytes) The next morning started clear and we got No. 3 just north of the Bellevue Trestle.
acro52.jpg (82964 bytes) By the time we got back to the Soo, the clouds were already rolling in from the west. Here is the Huron Central 912 ready to depart for Sudbury. July 10, 2001.
acro53.jpg (61186 bytes) We had hoped to outrun the clouds by chasing the eastbound 912, but no such luck. The WC doesn't have a monopoly on old are 2 SD45's and a GP9. Portlock, Ont. on July 10, 2001.
acro54.jpg (72915 bytes) Later that afternoon the clouds started to break up and we headed up the Searchmont highway for some more shots of the passenger trains. Here is No. 4 just starting up the hill from Goulais to Northland.
acro55.jpg (72021 bytes) It was nearly sunset when this SOFD crossed the St. Mary's River with a Huron Central GP9 in the consist, along with a WC SDL39 and F45! July 10, 2001.
acro56.jpg (100496 bytes) July 11 found the weather still unsettled, but once in a while luck does work and the sun came out just as the train passed in front! Its rare to have such luck, but when you do, the results are quite good. Heyden, Ont. - July 11, 2001.
acro57.jpg (69876 bytes) After meeting No. 3 above at Wabos, the southbound freight is just passing the old station at Searchmont. 
acro58.jpg (89960 bytes) And then after meeting No. 1 at Northland, the freight is on its way south, with 3 SD45's and 1 SDL39! July 11, 2001 at Northland.
acro59.jpg (91461 bytes) Then it was pack things up and head back to Menominee. Here is a WC SD45 at Escanaba, near the ore docks. July 11, 2001.
acro60.jpg (86311 bytes) July 12 was a travel day from Menominee to St. Louis. On the morning of the 13th I got this train in the Mitchell, Ill. area.
acro61.jpg (111336 bytes) On the way to the National Train Show in downtown St. Louis, we stopped here and got a few photos of the TRRA switching cars in their yard. July 13, 2001.
acro62.jpg (87056 bytes) Before show time on the 14th, we stopped in at the Manufacturer's Railway yard in St. Louis, and got a few photos of their engines and cars. 
acro63.jpg (79595 bytes) After the show Saturday, we headed back to the TRRA to get a few more photos. On the way there we found this KCS train getting an air test. July 14, 2001.
acro64.jpg (65412 bytes) At the TRRA yard we got some more photos of the engines there. July 14, 2001.
acro65.jpg (77515 bytes) Sunday, rather than a 3rd day at the Train Show, we decided to head over to Effingham, Ill. where the IC/CN crosses the CR/CSX tracks. These 2 units were shut down waiting for a crew later on that afternoon. July 15, 2001.
acro66.jpg (79464 bytes) There weren't a lot of trains running this day, but we did get a few decent shots, such as this one of a southbound IC train. After this show, it was drive back to the airport in St. Louis and fly back home to here in Arizona. Quite a trip, covered a lot of ground, and had a good time!

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