2nd Section - The Rest of the BCR Trip Photos!

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bcr19.jpg (252168 bytes) Here are 2 RS 18 Cat's switching tank cars at Quesnel on Sept. 8. Note the van on the tail end - the crew told us that it was going to N. Vancouver for use in a movie train.
bcr20.jpg (203381 bytes) And then it was on up to Prince George, where the next morning we found this little critter outside the vehicle repair shop - the rear axle is missing. Sept. 9, 1998.
bcr21.jpg (194616 bytes) And then we found one of the highlights of the whole trip - 2 unmodified Alco's shunting cars in the Prince George yards, and one of them was still in the two-tone green colour scheme! Sept. 9, 1998.
bcr22.jpg (258536 bytes) Here is a photo of the Canadian National at the bridge crossing the river in Prince George. They were setting off cars for the BCR. This bridge used to be the road bridge also until a few years ago. Sept. 9, 1998.
bcr23.jpg (262205 bytes) The next morning we headed south again, after learning that there would be no trains on Tumbler Ridge for a day or so. Here are the southbound Budd Cars at Dragon on Sept. 10, 1998.
bcr24.jpg (179140 bytes) That evening, Sept 10, I got this time exposure of a northbound train leaving the Lillooet yard at around 10pm.
bcr25.jpg (226862 bytes) The next morning, after a few shots around Squamish, we drove to North Vancouver to get some photos of this BC Concrete charter train. It was nice to get these 2 M420's on the train, especially because they have all been stored, except for special occasions. Sept. 11, 1998.
bcr26.jpg (258895 bytes) The next day, after a few photos around the area, we got this southbound freight on the bridge just north of Squamish. Sept. 12, 1998.
bcr27.jpg (257575 bytes) We chased it south of Squamish, and got this photo at Britannia. Sept. 12, 1998.
bcr28.jpg (285711 bytes) Another photo of the same train at Porteau on Sept. 12, 1998.
bcr29.jpg (237476 bytes) We then drove on through to Hope for the night, and the next day at North Bend I got this photo of a straight SD40, still in the CPR's Action Red paint. Nice to see a SD40 for a change! Sept. 13, 1998.
bcr30.jpg (314114 bytes) Here is a Canadian National eastbound coal empties train just past the rock sheds at Lasha. The power is ex CNR SD40's rebuilt by GE Alstom and leased back to the CNR. Sept. 13, 1998.
bcr31.jpg (319963 bytes) Right behind the above train was another eastbound coal empty, with another set of the leased SD40's. Shown here passing through the rock sheds at Lasha on Sept. 13, 1998.
bcr32.jpg (336082 bytes) Here is the Rocky Mountaineer just going through the rock sheds by Lasha on Sept. 13 - certainly a real nice looking train!
bcr33.jpg (336168 bytes) Another view of the Rocky Mountaineer at Lasha on Sept. 13, 1998.
bcr34.jpg (285472 bytes) We then got this westbound CPR grain train at Spence's Bridge in the late afternoon sun. Sept. 13, 1998.
bcr35.jpg (314947 bytes) Here is the same train at Gladwin, just north (east) of Lytton. Sept. 13, 1998.
bcr36.jpg (244784 bytes) Here is one of the CPR's new "Golden Rodents" basking in the early morning sun at North Bend on the last day of our trip, Sept. 14, 1998.
bcr37.jpg (254338 bytes) This has to be one of the last CPR units still wearing a "PacMan" emblem! Shown here at North Bend early on Sept. 14, 1998. After this shot, it was drive back to Seattle and then fly back here to Phoenix...we were at the baggage claim in the Phoenix airport exactly 12 hours after this photo was taken. A really nice trip........!

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