2nd Section - Grand Canyon Railway

Here are some more photos of the Grand Canyon Railway...enjoy!

The first weekend of October 1996 saw the 4960 make her first railfan trip. Here the Railfan Special is waiting for the American Orient Express train to head north at the east end of the Williams Depot lead. Oct. 5, 1996.
The first runby was just north of Williams in the deep shade of early morning. Oct. 5, 1996.
Another series of runbys was just to the south of Willaha. Oct. 5, 1996.
Here the northbound Williams Flyer passes the Railfan Special at Willaha. Oct. 5, 1996.
After the Railfan Special turned on the wye, it was resting next to the Williams Flyer while its passengers take in the Grand Canyon's scenery. Oct. 5, 1996.
One of the many runbys at Coconino, just a little ways south of Grand Canyon. Oct. 5, 1996.
By the time we got to Willaha, the Flyer was catching up to us, so we are in the siding waiting for it to pass. Oct. 5, 1996.
Later that night the Railway put on a really great night photo session, and here are 3 steamers lit up with multiple flashs provided by Steve Barry and Company from Railfan and Railroad Magazine. Oct. 5, 1996.
The 4960 was positioned on a small trestle near the shops for this photo. Note that this unit now has 3 turbo generators, account more electrical load than it originally had, including a computerized bearing temperature monitoring system. Oct. 5, 1996.
And here the 2 ex VIA/CNR FPA4's are posing for the cameras and flashes. I used a 35-105 zoom lens for these night shots, which allows for flexibility in framing the shot, given that one cannot always pick the location they want account photo lines. Oct. 5, 1996.
Once again a year later the Railway put on a great railfan special! Here the double headed northbound train is near Red Lake in the crisp early morning light on Oct. 4, 1997.
This photo was taken near Willaha on the northbound trip. Oct. 4, 1997.
The 2 trains were split up at the Grand Canyon, and the Railfan Special headed south for another series of runbys. Here the 4960 is putting on quite a show at Coconino. Oct. 4, 1997.
At Willaha the Special again made some more runbys. Here is a side view of the 4960 in the great afternoon light of northern Arizona. Oct. 4, 1997.
And then the Williams Flyer highballed south past the Special at Willaha. Oct. 4, 1997.
The Flyer is at the Pronghorn Road crossing just north of Williams. Quite the consist here with the 2-8-0, FPA4, and a GP7! Oct. 4, 1997.
Here is the regular passenger train northbound at Red Lake in August of 1998.
For the 3rd year in a row, the Railway held a Railfan Days event on the first weekend of October. Here the 4960 is on the small trestle at Red Lake in the morning light. Oct. 3, 1998.
This was a very windy day as you can tell from the way the smoke and steam are nearly horizontal. Willaha, Arizona on Oct. 3, 1998.
One of the highlights of this weekend was this "Photo Freight" shown here northbound at Willaha.
It was a very busy day for the GCR with the Railfan Special, the Williams Flyer, the Photo Freight and also this AOE train! Shown here southbound at Coconino on Oct. 3, 1998.
Right behind the AOE train was the Photo Freight headed south back towards Williams. Oct. 3, 1998.
Near Woodin the Photo Freight puts on a show as it climbs a small grade. Oct. 3, 1998.
At Willaha the Railfan Special was in the hole as the Williams Flyers highballs by. Oct. 3, 1998.



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