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Here are the rest of the photos from my 2003 trip.....

This is the "Canoe Car", part of the Little Bear's consist. Cochrane on July 24, 2003.
This is one of the ex Milwaukee Road F B-units converted into head end power cars. Cochrane, July 25, 2003.
The clouds are moving in again, but we are back at Mile 5 for another runby of the Polar Bear Express, this time using a 35mm lens. Cochrane, July 25, 2003.
We then went west to Hearst, and while we didn't shoot anything worthwhile on the way over there, this engine made up for that! NREX 1901 is an ex CNR GMD1. Hearst, July 25, 2003.
Here is ACR Train No. 1 arriving at Hearst in the late afternoon of July 25, 2003.
The next morning the 2 CNR engines were ready for the day's work. July 26, 2003 at Hearst.
No. 2 rounds the curve off the west leg of the wye at Hearst as it starts its 296 mile trip south to Sault Ste. Marie. Taken at Hearst on July 26, 2003.
There are still a few signs of the Algoma Central around, such as seen here on this hi-rail truck in Hearst. July 26, 2003.
We then followed the eastbound Agrium Turn from Hearst to where it leaves the main. Shown here leaving Hearst on July 26, 2003.
And here is a "friendly" ONR trainman riding the Agrium Turn train shown above. Photo 2003 by John Sharp - used with his permission.
Further east in the town of Moonbeam is this "UFO" by the visitor's centre. One of the ONR's work trains is in the siding here. July 26, 2003.
The next day, Sunday July 27, was another cloudy and rainy day, but a good day to ride the Polar Bear Express. This is just after the power has been run around the train at Moosonee. There isn't much to do here unless you take one of the tour boats to the islands. Otherwise be prepared to wait for a few hours for the southbound run.
This car has been here for some time now and serves as the "new" stop block ! Moosonee, Ontario on July 27, 2003.
Monday was a rare bright sunny day, and here is the Little Bear Mixed Train at Mile 5 north of Cochrane. July 28, 2003.
This train has just about everything you can think of in the consist! Here are some private automobiles headed to Moosonee. July 28, 2003 at Cochrane.
Further back are the passenger cars and an ex Milw F9B unit converted into an APU car. Cochrane, Ontario on July 28, 2003.
And bringing up the markers (!) is a boxcar and the canoe car. Cochrane, Ontario on July 28, 2003.
Later that day we got the Kidd turn headed south near Monteith - the sunny day and bright flowers in the foreground made for a decent shot. July 28, 2003.
 Here is the same train on a bridge near Val Gagne. July 28, 2003.
Next morning the sun was trying to come out from behind some fog as the southbound Northlander arrives in Englehart. July 29, 2003.
The 29th was a travel day back to the Soo, and we did catch this eastbound Huron Central train near McKerrow.
That evening in the Soo was a rare clear day, and the Huron Central's 2 GP9's were enjoying some warm summer sun.
Next morning we got the ACR Train No. 1 approaching Heyden for a station stop. July 30, 2003.
We then crossed back into Michigan, and there was nothing at Trout Lake, so we went on to Marquette, and got this LS&I train just leaving the Empire Mine. July 30, 2003.
The WC/CN train was leaving about then also - shown here at Empire Junction on July 30, 2003.
Here is a loaded pellet train just arriving at Eagle Mills Junction - one of the few places you can see U30C's pulling cars with friction bearings! July 30, 2003.
Here is a meet at Brampton between 2 of the SORE trains - note the trainman from the southbound saluting the crew of the northbound train! July 31, 2003.
We spent the night in Menominee, Michigan and the next day went over to Crivitz to get the Escanaba and Lake Superior. We were hoping to see the Erie F unit and/or the Soo GP30, but no such luck. But this little critter was switching a few cars around. August 1, 2003.
Here is a view of the station - last time I shot anything here was when the Milwaukee Road had fleets of F7's there! August 1, 2003.
We chased the southbound train towards Green Bay, and got this photo in Coleman - August 1, 2003.
Next day was travel back towards Chicago, and we spent the afternoon on Byron Hill. August 2, 2003.
Right behind the above train was another one, again with CNR power.
And on the tail end was WC 7499, the same engine we got here 2 1/2 weeks earlier, also in helper service then.
We then drove on to Madison for the night, and the next morning we got these Wisconsin Southern units in Janesville. August 3, 2003.
Another set of WSOR power in Janesville.
And of course it was again raining and lightning by the time we got to the Chicago area! Right after this shot it was highball to the airport and fly back here to Phoenix. And so the trip ended as it began 2 1/2 weeks earlier shooting Metra F40C's under thundering skies. It certainly was a good trip and we got a lot of good photos and saw a lot of interesting trains.

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