Other Arizona Railroad Scenes

Here are a few miscellaneous railroad scenes that don't really fit elsewhere.....

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amtk_at_MJ.jpg (212822 bytes) This is Amtrak Train No. 2 (The Sunset Ltd) at Magma Jct. in the early morning on Aug. 3, 1987. Power is the P30CH, long since retired.
cyprus.jpg (260898 bytes) This is an ex SP T6 at the Cyprus mine south of Tucson. Shown here on Feb. 18, 1989 during the W.G.R.F. convention.
pfe_1048_2.jpg (224993 bytes) Also part of the W.G.R.F. convention was a tour of the PFE shops in Tucson. Feb. 18, 1989.
go_552.jpg (203329 bytes) In October of 1990, the GO Transit trainset made a tour of the country demonstrating the advantages of rail transit. Shown here at Phoenix Union Station on Oct.17, 1990. For more information on Arizona passenger rail possibilities, click here!
amtk_506.jpg (221885 bytes) Amtrak Train No. 2 (The Sunset Ltd) at Tempe on the morning of Dec. 23, 1991 with new power.
The following 6 photos are from the filming of the movie "Stay Tuned". Here is the ex Great Western #51 (now owned by the Fillmore & Western) being readied for its role in the movie as the Devil's engine #666. Florence, AZ - Jan. 21, 1992. Lighting with a 1/2 million candlepower floodlight on Kodachrome 64 film.
st_4.jpg (247874 bytes) Here is the ex Great Western #51 (now owned by the Fillmore & Western) ready to make its run for one of the scenes. Just because the scene was set in the 1880's doesn't mean they can't use a modern ex Santa Fe wide vision caboose and a copper anode carrying flat car! Jan. 24, 1992.
st_3.jpg (249417 bytes) A close up view of the 51. Note the "666" number plate and the skull painted on the tender. If you've ever seen the movie, you'll know how dumb the show was, however there was some nice train action. Jan. 24, 1992.
hh_az.jpg (213656 bytes) This was the station used for the movie called "Hellhole, Arizona"....that could be most anyplace in the state :) .   Jan. 24, 1992.
st_1.jpg (194678 bytes) Here one of the actresses is in place for light meter readings. Note the "dynamite wagon" behind her....ready to blow up when she is run over by the train! Jan. 24, 1992.
st_2.jpg (195321 bytes) And here is the climax, at least for us railfans! Just before the train hit the dynamite wagon, it was set off by remote control. Certainly made for some nice photos! Jan. 24, 1992.
amt_movie.jpg (262347 bytes) Another movie train was used for the filming of "The Getaway" in Phoenix. Note how the Phoenix station has been renamed "Flagstaff" for this movie! May 5, 1993.
cbr_snakes.jpg (221224 bytes) Always be careful when traveling in the Arizona desert - rattlesnakes are everywhere! This pair was photographed near Ray Jct. on April 6, 1992.

ice.jpg (219335 bytes)

Here is a shot of the "ICE" train (InterCity Express) that toured the country in 1993. Shown here in Tempe headed south to Tucson on Aug. 31, 1993. Power was the 2 Amtrak F69AC units.

florence.jpg (232030 bytes) This is a 80 ton GE unit being unloaded at Florence for delivery to Asarco Copper Co. Sept. 28. 1993.
amt_514.jpg (186514 bytes) Here is Amtrak No. 2 (The Sunset Ltd) eastbound at Magma Jct. on Jan. 24, 1994.
amt_pv.jpg (217398 bytes) Here is No. 2 a good 10 hours or so late account detouring on the Santa Fe because of a wreck on the SP. Here it is crossing the Hassayampa River south of Wickenburg late on the afternoon of May 7, 1994.
amt_blade.jpg (222297 bytes)

This is No. 2 eastbound a few miles east of Tucson on Dec. 17, 1994 in the Cienega Wash area, which was well known for its lower quadrant semaphores. Unfortunately the blades have been removed.

cattle_sw.jpg (240204 bytes) This ex SP yard engine is at the McLeney Cattle Company in Wellton, AZ. on Feb. 4, 1995.
tcgb_5.jpg (180482 bytes) This engine is at Gila Bend, AZ on April 16, 1995. This was the railroad that Phelps-Dodge Copper Co. ran between Gila Bend and Ajo. It was called the Tucson, Cornelia & Gila Bend.
pv2.jpg (222963 bytes) Last fall the APRRCo ran a train from New Mexico to the LA area, and in Arizona it went down the BNSF's Peavine. Here it is at Kirkland, AZ on Nov. 5, 1998. The train had 19 PV's pulled by 3 Amtrak units, and the lead unit was Amtrak #1.
pv4.jpg (265314 bytes) After waiting for over an hour at Date on a freight, the PV is now headed south at Piedmont towards the Arizona & California connection at Matthie. Nov. 5, 1998.

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