San Pedro & Southwestern Railroad

This small line runs on an ex Southern Pacific branch from Benson south. They have some freight business, and had a passenger train using some California Western (Skunk) equipment. While I've not been there for some time (obviously!) I did find a photo on of their current power. I'll have to make a trip that way soon.

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kyle_2039.jpg (219499 bytes)

This GP20 was filmed in Benson on April 16, 1994.

spd_van.jpg (209706 bytes) Here is a caboose in Benson Nov. 5, 1994.
spd_flat.jpg (239438 bytes) One of the first tourist cars used on the San Pedro is this flat car, complete with benches down the middle of the car. Benson, Nov. 5, 1994.
spd_coach.jpg (244511 bytes) This ex IC car is badly faded as it rests in the late afternoon sun in Benson on Nov. 5, 1994.
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