BNSF Railway


Here are some BNSF photos taken in the last few months that are not posted elsewhere on this website.


Last fall a long time friend and I had a chance to spend a few days along the BNSF Transcon between Darling and DoubleA (Arizona) and it was the busiest I had ever seen it. One train right after the other on both tracks, and not a cloud in the sky for the 3 days I was there! How often does that happen.... :) This photo is of a westbound at Cosnino.
Another westbound at Maine.
An early morning (for me!) at West DoubleA (and yes, it is spelled "DoubleA" for a ranch in the area).
A late afternoon westbound is proceeding at a high rate of speed through the cut. Note how the late low sun really lights up the reflective striping on the unit.
Wanna Drag???? 2 trains in the cut at West DoubleA - and yes, I 'enhanced' (some would say 'doctored') this photo by 'turning on' the ditch lights on the train on the right. It is actually the DPU power on a westbound.
Early morning at Darling finds another large fleet of trains and here is a meet. Photo taken from the road overpass.
Late afternoon at Maine with another westbound.
BNSF power isn't all that common on the UP, so it was a treat to see this eastbound not only with a BNSF unit, but 2 CSTX units as well. Shawmut, Arizona.


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