Chicago in the Mid to Late 1960's

Here are some old slides that I thought you would enjoy! I shot these when I was a teenager with an old Kodak Rangefinder camera and Kodachrome II film. Most of them were taken from the Roosevelt Road overpass that ran south of most of the Chicago area passenger stations.


This was the first time I had ever been to Chicago and of course I had to shoot some train photos! Here is the Great Northern's Empire Builder backing into the station. Shown here is an observation car, the "Rocky Coulee", taken July of 1965.
The next car was this full length dome, the "Prairie View". July, 1965.
And here are 2 regular dome cars, without names, but car numbers 1325 and 1324. July 1965.
Pushing the whole train into the station was this CB&Q Baldwin yard engine. July 1965.
This is one of the Santa Fe's FM yard engines built for passenger car switching around the Dearborn Street Station. July 1965.
The classic Santa Fe red and silver war bonnet F units are being readied for train to head west. July of 1965.
And here are 5 B&O/C&O E units running light. July of 1965.
Next summer again found me on the Roosevelt Road overpass, and here is a RS1 switching a Chicago & Eastern Illinois RR. passenger train at Dearborn Street Station. July of 1966.
This was an interesting set of cars enjoying a little summer sunshine. July of 1966.
The Santa Fe's El Capitan train is being switched at Dearborn in July of 1966.
This was a rather rare chance to see how EMD worked back in the '60's. If I remember right, this was part of a model railroad convention tour. Taken on Oct. 9, 1966 at the LaGrange plant. I was lucky enough to get this same loco in service a couple of years later.
The next summer once again found me on the Roosevelt Road overpass in Chicago. Here is a set of Grand Trunk Western power on June 17, 1967.
One of only 2 E6AB's ever built is shown here in commuter service.
These were also somewhat rare units, and they did not last too long in passenger service.
The Rock Island had quite a selection of power, and here is an RS3 switching passenger equipment.
The sun finally started to come out a bit and I got this NYC passenger train just arriving in Chicago.
This Monon passenger train is arriving at Chicago running long nose forward.
Down near the lakefront was this IC engine switching passenger equipment.
The next day, June 18, 1967 dawned bright and sunny, and first thing we were at the Illinois Central yard, where we got this set of new GP40's, one in the older black paint, and one in the then new orange and white scheme.
The set of GP40's in a going away shot.
And then came a couple of southbound passenger trains, but I do not know the name of this one.
The observation car from the above train.
Another passenger train shortly after the first one above.
And again here is it's observation car.
Then it was back to the Roosevelt Road area where we got this B&O E7.
The New York Central was quite busy, and they ran a lot of trains this day.
A set of E units.
Another NYC passenger train is just arriving in Chicago.
This was the Rock Island's engine they called "Christina" which was an EMD re-engined DL109.
The Santa Fe as always had some of the best looking passenger trains around. Here is a set of the short lived U28CG's just pulling out of Dearborn Street Station.
Here is an Erie-Lackawanna passenger with a set of E8's.
Another Rock Island train had this GP7 switching cars near the passenger station.
More Santa Fe passenger power, this time F units.
This was the Chicago & Western Indiana's RS1, used for switching passenger cars and engines at Dearborn Station.
Here a set of torpedo boat GP9's are arriving in Chicago.
This is a set of Rock Island shots taken at Blue Island, Ill on Sept. 14, 1968. This is one of only 2 AB6 units ever built.
35 years after I took this photo, now I notice that I got a photo of this same unit a couple of months ago, and in an older paint scheme at that!
Interesting piece of likely home made equipment, a transfer van if you will :).
More interesting equipment - an Alco C415 and a wooden caboose.
One of the engine hood doors has been replaced, and now reads "Ro Island"....

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