Copper Basin Railway

Here are some of my recent photos of the Copper Basin - new photos have a light yellow background.

This is the first new power on the Copper Basin for some time....taken at Magma Junction, AZ January 9, 2012. It is ex SCL 1586.
This is the first revenue run for the 301. Kelvin, AZ January 18, 2012.
The OT-1 is headed eastbound towards the dumper from Ray Junction on March 23, 2012.
Westbound Unit Train - Kearny, AZ - March 23, 2012.
Loaded OT-1 at Ray Junction just before sunset. December 28, 2012.
Here is the next new power - another GP40-2. It is ex-Idaho Northern & Pacific GP40 4506,  before that CSX 6808, before that SBD 6808 and then nee L&N 3012. Hayden Junction, AZ April 3, 2013.
It actually does snow at times here in southern Arizona! Here is the Copper Basin OT-1 (Ore Train 1) westbound empties arriving at Ray Junction the day after a rare snowfall left the mountains covered. Within a few hours the snow was gone. February 21, 2013.
Here is a brand new ore car just delivered a couple of days before I took this photo. Ray Junction, AZ - February 21, 2013.
The OT-1 southbound (loaded) is arriving at Ray Junction. This was taken with my Canon 7D and a 70-200mm zoom lens, which is equal to 320mm with the crop factor figured in. February 21, 2013.
Still more new power - 2 ex ICE GP40-2's arrived at Magma Junction on May 1, 2014.
One of the first runs of the 303 - note the neat re-lettering on this unit. Hayden Junction, AZ - May 22, 2014.
Here is the 304 at Ray Junction just before sunset on September 19, 2013.
This is the OT-1 eastbound at Kearny with Teapot Mountain in the background. March 19, 2014.
The Local is westbound at Kearny on March 19, 2014 with an interesting set of power.
Here is the 303 in its new paint scheme! This is the first major change in the Copper Basin's paint for over 20 years. Shown here at Hayden Junction, AZ on April 24, 2014.
A close up showing the flags and the copper colored striping.
Later that evening the sun moved far enough to the north to get a somewhat decent photo.
That new paint sure stands out.
Here is the Unit Train arriving at Hayden Junction.
Same train as above headed west towards the mine. Shown here crossing Tilbury Road in Kearny, AZ on April 24, 2014. This photo was a RailPictures.Net reject! (Bad Cropping)??
6 more added April 29th.....

This is the OT-1 (Ore Train 1) westbound near Kearny. This photo and the next 5 photos were taken April 28, 2014.

Same train as above at Ray Junction. It was a perfect clear day with cool temperatures for this time of the year.
The OT-1 is now  headed north at Kelvin towards the open pit mine.
Here is the 303 in its new paint at Hayden Junction just before sunset.
Overall view of the yard.
The Unit Train is at the road crossing (the only crossing in town!) in Hayden Junction.
5 more added May 4, 2014...

My first shot of the 303 in its new paint in decent light! Here the OT-1 is westbound near Kearny, AZ on May 2, 2014.

Here the OT-1 is rounding the curve at Ray Junction to head north to the mine at Ray. May 2, 2014.
A 'rolling roster' of the 303. That new paint sure looks good in the late afternoon sun! May 2, 2014.
This is the local at Kearny heading west to Magma Junction and interchanging with the Union Pacific. May 2, 2014.
The local at Ray Junction. May 2. 2014. This photo was a RailPictures.Net reject! (No light on side of train).
Another unit in the new scheme! Today, August 8, 2014 the 304 made its first trips in the new (now standard for all new/used and repainted units) paint scheme. Here it is westbound on the OT-1 near Kearny.
Same train as above at Ray Junction. August 8, 2014.



All Photos on this page Are Copyright 2012-2014 by Ted Ellis