Thanksgiving Weekend 2003

and a few other newer photos...

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On September 10, 2003 I had a couple of free hours before dark at Chalender, Arizona, a few miles west of Flagstaff, and I got this westbound about 3/4 mile east of the road crossing.
As the sun moved west, I did also around the curve. The lead engine has been "un-patched" by me ;). September 10, 2003 at Chalender, Arizona.
I certainly did not expect to see any more solid sets of unpatched SP units this late after the merger, but here are 5 unpatched SP units on an eastbound, likely the LA-PX train. September 28, 2003 at Shawmut, Arizona.
Thanksgiving weekend I went to Las Vegas, and on Thursday I got a few shots around Topock. Here is a eastbound just crossing onto the Topock Bridge. November 27, 2003.
About 1 or 2 miles west of the Topock Bridge there are some good photo spots. Here is an eastbound with a freshly repainted Santa Fe unit on the point. While it is almost never good to see an old road disappear, perhaps it is better than being like the 2nd unit, a rather ragged looking Santa Fe unit. November 27, 2003.
This eastbound sure had a varied consist, including a GP9 and several foreign units, such as FURX, CSX and NS. November 27, 2003.
Almost a year since I last posted anything here??? :)... Oh well, this is an eastbound unit cement train on the Arizona & California RR at Hope, Arizona taken on November 3, 2004. Nice to see an SD45-2 still in clean bright ATSF Blue and Yellow paint!


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