Night Photos

Here are some of the night photos I've taken over the years, and now that I am shooting digital I've been doing more night shots than before.

These first few photos I shot nearly ***50*** years ago (yes, I am that old!) with a Kodak Rangefinder Camera and Kodachrome II film. This is the southbound Copper Country Limited at Iron Mountain, Michigan in February of 1966.
Green Bay, Wisconsin - January 14, 1967.
Marinette, Wisconsin - March 14, 1967.
Marinette, Wisconsin - May of 1967.
Now jumping ahead several decades I am now shooting digital photos and here is an eastbound at Shawmut, Arizona on October 14, 2012. All of the following photos were taken with a camera mounted flash and the camera set on 'full auto' for exposure and focusing.
A brand new engine working as the DPU power on an eastbound at Shawmut, Arizona October 14, 2012.
Another time out at Shawmut I got this westbound on November 1, 2012.
Here is the DPU on an eastbound at Shawmut on September 23, 2013.
An eastbound at Shawmut on December 15, 2013.
Same train as above going away with the full moon adding some interest to the scene.
Here is an eastbound OCS work train in the 'blue hour' of light. March 9, 2014. This photo was a RailPictures.Net reject! (Underexposed).
The DPU unit on an eastbound at Shawmut on March 9, 2014.
Here is a westbound during the 'blue hour' of light...the camera mounted flash lit up the striping nicely. Shawmut, AZ - March 18, 2014.
The DRGW Heritage Unit is waiting at Estrella, AZ for the pack of eastbounds to clear before resuming its westbound trip. March 18, 2014. This photo was a RailPictures.Net reject! (Underexposed).




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