Green Bay and Western

This all Alco line ran from the Green Bay, Wis. area west across the state. They had a good variety of Alco units. They were bought out by the Wisconsin Central a few years ago, and all of the Alco's were sold or scrapped.

New photos are in cells with a lighter background color.

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On a bright sunny day in August of 1966 at the Green Bay yard interchange with the Northwestern was this S2.
Also in August of 1966 I got this shot of the 310 in the Green Bay yard.
During the days of the Cold War and commies everywhere, it was odd to see a caboose with the reporting marks of "KGB"! Green Bay - August 1966.
gbw_103.jpg (205865 bytes) March 18, 1967 and this S1 is basking in the early spring sun at Green Bay.

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