Old Paper Items

I recently found some old paper items and now that I have a new flat bed scanner I thought I'd scan and post some of them - enjoy!

This is an old photo that I found years ago when working at Frater Station. It appears to be a washout south of Hubert and north of Montreal Falls, and it looks like passengers carrying their baggage from one end of the wash out to the other in order to continue their trip. I have no idea of the date - if anyone knows any more about this I'd like to hear from them! It is possible that this photo is in the Batchewana area......
This is a "long form" train order that was used when a passenger extra was needed account No. 1 was sold out. It was rather interesting to be typing this out as the Dispatcher read it, and of course no errors were allowed, so sometimes it would take 2 or 3 tries to get it right before repeating it back to the DS.
Account my scanner only copies regular size paper, I scanned the bottom part of the above train order separately to show all of it.
And here is a page from the Dispatcher's Book.
This is a scan of a list of ACR engines that I photocopied one night about 30 years ago! Added June 30, 2007.

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