Here are some photos from a "company boondoggle" trip I made in July of 1995 to the Grant's Pass area of Oregon, supposedly to learn about servicing some new equipment the company I worked for at the time was bringing out. But of course I managed to get in some railfanning as well :).

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Late in the afternoon of July 12, 1995 I got my first shot of the Central Oregon and Pacific in the yard at Medford.
The same train from the other (sunny!) end.
The next day training classes were done a little early so I got this roster in the Grants Pass yard. July 13, 1995.
And of course, the famous Espee lower quadrant semaphores were quite the attraction, even without a train in the photo! July 13, 1995 at Central Point (Mile 447.4).
And a view of the blades taken from the sunny side at Central Point (Mile 447.3).
And again, if only a train would have come along and made the wig wag wig wag!! Maybe someday I'll try Photoshopping a train into this image :). Taken at Tolo, Oregon, on July 13th.
And here I did get a train splitting the blades at Central Point on the way back to town for the night.
This shot was taken late in the evening at Medford on July 13, 1995.
The company did let me stay the weekend (at my expense for the rental car and motel) and so I went on over towards Klamath Falls. Here is a hot Espee train with an interesting signal cantilever bridge at Modoc Point on July 15, 1995.
In the town of Klamath Falls was this old Baldwin just sitting there with some other junk laying around. July 15, 1995.
And here is another Espee train working hard at Midland late in the afternoon of July 15, 1995.
Sunday the 16th most everything seemed to be shut down, but I did get some roster shots of various CORP equipment. Here is one at Medford.
Another roster at Medford on July 16, 1995.
And still another......
and another.....
and still one more.....
and once again another roster, but this one is rather interesting with the high short hood.
The general scene around the Medford station.
I then decided to head south to the Yreka area to get the steam train on the Yreka Western. Here is the train coming back into town with Mount Shasta in the background.
And here the sun is right, but no mountain in the background...can't win them all :)....
And one last shot before heading back to Medford and then flying home to Phoenix.

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