QCM - 2nd Section

Here are the rest of the photos of the trip

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qc21.jpg (148327 bytes) Here is an "Across the Water" shot of a southbound at about Mille 41.
qc22.jpg (201724 bytes) The next morning was bright and sunny, and here is a southbound at Mille 21, with one of the Alco demonstrator units on the point. July 15, 2000.
qc23.jpg (170607 bytes) Here is one of 2 shots I got of the red/white/blue units, here shown northbound at Mille 48.5 on July 15th.
qc24.jpg (136704 bytes) This southbound is at Mille 51.6, the furthest north we would get on this trip. July 15, 2000.
qc25.jpg (185418 bytes) And this spot just south of Charles became known as "Black Fly Curve", again for obvious reasons! July 15, 2000.
qc26.jpg (172695 bytes) This was a late afternoon northbound just north of Tunnel No. 1 - July 15, 2000.
qc27.jpg (156036 bytes)

The same train as above, just backed off on the zoom lens. One of the best sequences of the entire trip!

qc28.jpg (164664 bytes) A quick run to the crossing at Mille 31 got the same train in that nice late afternoon sunshine. July 15, 2000.
qc29.jpg (226522 bytes) The next day we went up to the crossing at Mille 49.5 and as it turned out this was the only decent shot I got of the R/W/B units. Southbound at Mille 50 on July 16, 2000.
qc30.jpg (137483 bytes) After a couple of more days of shooting cloudy photos and videos of the Cartier, it was time to start heading back. Here is a GP of unknown heritage at Baie Comeau on July 19, 2000 switching the yard.
qc31.jpg (170998 bytes) This is at Clermont - the only equipment around. July 19, 2000.
qc32.jpg (117534 bytes) Late that evening at Drummondville we got 2 of the VIA LRC trains. It is nearly dark but with the lens nearly wide open I still managed to get a decent photo. July 19, 2000.
qc33.jpg (228631 bytes) July 20 actually was sunny most all day long! Here at Richmond, PQ, is a SLQ train doing some switching near the yard in great early morning sun....
qc34.jpg (261085 bytes) The local train came out and also did a little switching. July 20, 2000.
qc35.jpg (280333 bytes) We then chased this train a little ways out of Richmond (sorry, but I didn't make a note of where this was taken!). Not too often the sun is on the train and cloudy in the background. When it does happen, it does make for a good photo. July 20, 2000.
qc36.jpg (245855 bytes) We then started the chase on the 4 unit M420W train....this shot is near Waterville on July 20, 2000.
qc37.jpg (280949 bytes) One of the best shots of the trip was here at Coaticook...for once, the lighting was just perfect!
qc38.jpg (162751 bytes) Late on the evening of the 20th we got this shot at Rock Forest of a westbound CDAC train.
qc39.jpg (251600 bytes) The 21st also had some sun, and here is a SLQ train near Sherbrooke.
qc40.jpg (170233 bytes) The next day we headed back into the States and at Claremont Jct., NH I got my only shot of a New England Central train.
qc41.jpg (149558 bytes) Continuing on to Bellows Falls we got this unit just getting ready to start some yard switching.
qc42.jpg (192141 bytes) Here is a set of Guilford power picking up some cars from the VT Ry interchange at Bellows Falls, July 22, 2000.
qc43.jpg (178513 bytes) And the last shot of the trip was of the Green Mountain's RS1, having just arrived at the station with the tourist train.

All in all, despite worse weather than usual, it was still a really nice trip, and if I can get the chance to go back to the Cartier again, I certainly will do so!

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