Road Trip 2013!

This year's trip was a two week long drive to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for TrainFest, one of the largest model train shows in the country. I also got a chance to do some railfanning as well, and the best photos were of the GrainBelt leased power and also of the Arkansas and Missouri Railway.

Here are some of the antennas for the Very Large Array science project located near Datil, New Mexico. Taken on the first day out on the trip (November 1).
A view 180 degrees from the above image.
On to Scholle at the east end of Abo Canyon. We saw 4 trains in about a hour.
BNSF is quite short on power, and they have been running units that have been stored for sometime like this red/silver unit on an eastbound. November 1, 2013.
A late afternoon eastbound train's DPU units are shown here. Scholle, NM - November 1, 2013.
Here are a couple of leased GP15D units at East Junction (Clinton) Oklahoma. November 2, 2013.
On Farmrail track at East Junction (Clinton) Oklahoma - November 2, 2013.
We then worked our way north towards Eagle City and got some good shots of this southbound train with 3 GP20D units and nice clear skies. This shot was taken just north of Eagle City, OK.
Passing a grain elevator at Fay, OK.
A very late afternoon photo at Thomas, OK.
A couple of days later we were in Branson, Missouri and I got these photos in the rain! November 5, 2013.
Nice looking F unit on the northbound passenger train. I did ride the afternoon train and really enjoyed it. First time ever (!) I had been in a dome car....quite a nice view.
We stopped at the Railfan Park in Rochelle, Illinois for a little while. I didn't see any trains on the BNSF, but the UP ran4 of them in the hour and a half I was there. November 7, 2013.
Westbound coal empties. Rochelle, Illinois - November 7, 2013.
The next 3 shots were taken during set up time at TrainFest in Milwaukee. Here Joe is using a shop vac to clean the club's layout as it is being readied for the show.
This layout sets up in about 45 minutes to a hour.
Setting up a large event like TrainFest is a lot of work and can take all day.
Once the show is open kids of all ages enjoy watching the trains run.
After TrainFest was over we headed back to A&M country to get more of the Alco power. The forecast called for the next two days to be clear and cold, and they were right! Tuesday we went to Monett, MO to chase the A&M's Monett Turn. It was a very slow day on the BNSF, and I only got this one train all afternoon. Monett, Missouri - November 12, 2013.
However, the A&M's Monett Turn showed up in the mid afternoon with 2 clean SD70Ace units and with the good afternoon sunlight I got a few decent photos. Monett, Missouri - November 12, 2013.
Here the southbound train is about ready to leave town as soon as the conductors parks the pickup train. Monett, Missouri - November 12, 2013.
Near Butterfield, MO the train stopped and then headed in the north leg of the wye on top of a C420 that had been set off there for some reason. November 12, 2013.
They also switched some grain cars for the chicken farms there. Butterfield, Missouri - November 12, 2013.
Here they are about ready to head south - it was getting very cold (for me anyways!) but it was good to see an Alco with the new units. Butterfield, Missouri - November 12, 2013.
The next morning also dawned clear and cold. I got a few roster shots by the main shops in Springdale, MO. November 13, 2013.
No. 46 - Springdale, Arkansas - November 12, 2013.
Two Alco units are enjoying some warm morning sun. It looks like the A&M is stockpiling SD70Ace wheelsets. Springdale, Arkansas - November 13, 2013.
We then chased the passenger train that was running from Springdale to Van Buren and back. Here it is northbound at Chester, Arkansas - November 13, 2013.
At Winslow the power ran around the train and headed back to Van Buren.
Southbound near Graphic, Arkansas. November 13, 2013.
The power is running around at Winslow.
Here the train is northbound at West Fork, Arkansas just a few minutes before sunset - November 13, 2013.

I hope you have enjoyed these photos!

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