More Blades!

These are some photos from the Raton Pass area of New Mexico, showing some of the Santa Fe style semaphores still in use there. The BNSF is replacing these signals at this time, so don't delay getting your slides and videos while you still can!

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raton1.jpg (194135 bytes) This was taken early Saturday morning near Bernalillo (north of Albuquerque) on May 20, 2000.
raton2.jpg (188803 bytes) A "roster shot" of a upper quadrant semaphore as used on the Santa Fe. May 20, 2000.
raton3.jpg (200613 bytes) Here is Amtrak No. 3 (westbound) at Levy, NM on May 20, 2000.
raton4.jpg (228692 bytes) Same train as above at Watrous, NM on May 20, 2000.
raton5.jpg (189660 bytes) Amtrak No. 3 just south (west) of Las Vegas NM on May 20, 2000.
raton6.jpg (160353 bytes) At Watrous, NM, there is still this type of wig-wag signal in use, and it is marked "Magnetic Flagman" on the enclosure. May 20, 2000.
raton7.jpg (191317 bytes) This is the west switch at Levy, with the famous "Wagon Mound" in the background. This was one of the landmarks the early pioneers used to make their way west. May 20, 2000.
raton8.jpg (221520 bytes) The next day the skies cleared and here is an eastbound "coal train" at Watrous, NM on May 21, 2000. The train did have about 50 empty Apache Ry coal cars on it.
raton9.jpg (223758 bytes) This is at Colmor, and the train in the siding has been here for a while waiting on the eastbound. May 21, 2000.
raton10.jpg (223498 bytes) At Watrous, NM the westbound train is at the east switch accelerating out of the slow orders for Shoemaker Canyon. May 21, 2000.
raton11.jpg (258093 bytes) This is an eastbound RoadRailer (the Ice Train) at the west end of Watrous. May 21, 2000.
raton12.jpg (196837 bytes) And the last shot of the all too short trip was here at Wagon Mound of Amtrak No. 4 headed eastbound late in the afternoon of May 21, 2000.

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