Storm Light Photos!

Here are some of my newer attempts at getting decent photos in unsettled weather, mainly during the Arizona "Monsoon" season in late July, August and September. It does get very warm and humid (with temperatures over 110 degrees F and humidity in the 40-60 % range), along with driving rain and lots of lightning as well as flash floods, so BE CAREFUL when out in the desert in these conditions. You must have lots of water, a cell phone and a dependable vehicle and always be aware of fast changing weather, and watch for Arizona Diamondback Rattlesnakes!


Here is the first of the storm light photos. This is a westbound pulling out of Shawmut siding on a nice toasty August afternoon (it has cooled off to 107 F!) with monsoon storm clouds building in the east. August 11, 2013.
A couple weeks later I'm back out in the heat of the desert...and the monsoon clouds are beginning to build. Temperature was about 110 F. September 1, 2013.
Some interesting cloud patterns are shaping up. September 1, 2013.
The skies are getting darker as this eastbound climbs the 1% grade at Shawmut, Arizona on September 1, 2013.
Same as above - another eastbound at Shawmut on September 1, 2013.
A hot westbound at Shawmut Arizona on September 1, 2013 with more clouds and rain beginning to come.
And just a week later I'm back at it - guess those 110+ temperatures are too much to resist! Here is an eastbound under darkening skies. September 8, 2013.
The clouds are thickening up and rain is not far away. Shawmut, Arizona - September 8, 2013.
Train traffic has died off for a while, but at least the clouds are making for some interesting photos. Shawmut, Arizona - September 8, 2013.
Where is a train when you need one??? Perfect storm light and with a rainbow no less, but the westbound is in the hole at Shawmut waiting for an eastbound. September 8, 2013.
The westbound finally showed up, but by then the light was nearly gone. I did use a camera mounted flash to bring out the stripes on the engines. Shawmut, Arizona - September 8, 2013.
Here is the Copper Basin OT-1 (Ore Train 1) leaving the dumper with mostly empty cars (the dumper jammed and some cars were not dumped) with monsoon clouds to the east. Monsoon season was nearly done by now and no rain came from this storm. Kearny, Arizona - September 19, 2013.
The Copper Basin's Unit Train is westbound at Kearny, Arizona on September 19, 2013.




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