The Life and Times of the ACR 182

Here are 7 photos taken from when the 182 was nearly new in 1972 to when it was scrapped in 1991.

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Here the 182 is basking in the warm spring sunshine at Steelton yard on April 25, 1972 after surviving its first hard Northern Ontario winter.
182S_2.jpg (265888 bytes) In May of 1980 a former ACR employee decided to sabotage the track at Mile 4 and this was the result when Train #12 ran over the open section of track. May 29, 1980.
182S_3.jpg (252765 bytes) Another view of the scene at Mile 4 on May 29, 1980. 3 auxiliary outfits were required to put the 182 back on the rails, 2 from the Canadian Pacific, and the one of the ACR's. The CPR charged $10,000.00 per day per outfit, and they were on the ACR for 2 weeks. 
182S_4.jpg (247785 bytes) Within a couple of months the 182 was back in service, having suffered very little damage in the derailment and not too much more during the recovery efforts. April 20, 1981 at Steelton.
182S_5.jpg (277318 bytes) After a few years of uneventful service, in April of 1990 the unit again went into the bush, this time just north of Wabos. This wreck was caused by a washout. This photo was taken on April 28, 1990 by Chuck Schwesinger (1990 by Chuck Schwesinger, used with permission).
182S_6.jpg (294907 bytes) Another view of the wreck north of Wabos. April 28, 1990 by Chuck Schwesinger. (1990 by Chuck Schwesinger, used with permission).
182S_7.jpg (264394 bytes) And so finally the 182 reached the end of the line by April of 1991, having been scrapped after over 19 years of hard service on the ACR. Shown here on April 22, 1991 at Steelton. Photo by Joe Seidl. (1991 by Joe Seidl, used with permission).

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