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Wrecks are an unfortunate byproduct of railroading, and the ACR was no exception. Almost all of the wrecks were caused by washouts or broken rails. Here are a few photos of them. NEW! Click on the link below "182 History" to see 7 photos of the 182, from nearly new to scrapping.

New photos are shown in cells with a pale yellow background.

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This wreck near Bucyrus (north of Achigan) was caused by a broken rail. November 16, 1974.
The end was cut off of this car to get the track open quickly. November 16, 1974.
Another view of the above wreck at Bucyrus. November 16, 1974.
cpbox.jpg (130075 bytes) This CPR box car was cornered in Steelton yard and later the left end of the car was cut off and the good end was used for a shim shack. Nov. 16, 1974.
This boarding car at Wabos was likely burned by an overheated furnace. Sept. 18, 1976.
hopwrk.jpg (123001 bytes) This car wasn't much more than a year old when wrecked. At Steelton on Nov. 16, 1974.
Steelton - November 10, 1979. Five years later they were still having problems with these cars derailing.
wreck1.jpg (108250 bytes) This wreck of No. 12 at Searchmont on March 11, 1974 was caused by a drawbar falling out of one of the old 70 ton hoppers as No. 12 was accelerating for a run at Northland Hill. See the next 4 photos for new scenes from this wreck.
This is the guilty party - it lost its drawbar as No. 12 was accelerating southbound out of Searchmont. March 11, 1974.
I don't remember who this brakeman is, but I think he may have been on this train. When scanning the slide I noted the letters L&N cast into the side frame....March 11, 1974.
Another view of the scene.....March 11, 1974.
Flipping the car over to clear the main. Note the truck flopping over as the car body is rolled over....March 11, 1974.
No. 12 again at Searchmont on Oct. 30, 1975. This one was supposedly caused by someone leaving the switch to the south spur lined for the hole, and No. 12 could not stop in time, and hit some 61 ft gons spotted for log unloading at the Weldwood Canada veneer mill.
The other side of the above scene. October 30, 1975.
The Hoesch re-railing equipment is being readied. October 30, 1975.
Interesting how this car bent from the impact of No. 12. October 30, 1975.
These cars were a bit too heavy for the soft ground during the spring thaw....Hawk Jct. May 26, 1977.
This wreck at Mile 4 was caused by sabotage. A former sectionman who had been fired by the ACR stole some track tools from the CPR and spent most of one night taking out one 39 ft section of rail. When No. 12 came around the corner (going downhill) they could not stop in time. By luck, the first unit stayed upright, and no one was hurt. The trailing 2 units and the first dozen or so cars derailed. These next eight photos taken May 14, 1980.
First view when I got to the scene...I was working 2nd shift at the time and heard about the wreck on the radio the next morning.
A little closer now...doesn't look good.
The 182 is on her side. Little damage was done account the ACR dumped old ties here and the half rotten wood cushioned the impact.
Modeller's take note...the bottom side of a 3 bay Ortner hopper.
Another view of the 182.
Not too many cars derailed here...No. 12 was going rather slow anyways.
wreck4.jpg (184706 bytes) Another view of the Mile 4 wreck. The person who did this was caught, but only served 6 months in jail. Not enough, in my opinion.
May 21, 1980 at Mile 4 - getting one of the units into position to lift it up to the track.
A view of the smaller hoists rerailing hopper cars from the Mile 4 wreck. May 21, 1980.
Another view of the 3 big hooks getting the 182 into position to be lifted back onto the rails. May 29, 1980.
This photo shows the 2 big CPR hoists leased from them along with the ACR's one hoist (in the middle) that were required to rerail the 182. The CPR charged $10,000 per day per hoist, and they were on the ACR for about 2 weeks. During this time, all freights ran at night, so the work crews could have track and time all day. May 29, 1980.
This wreck at the north switch Canyon was caused by a broken frog. Quite a few cars of sintered iron ore ended up in the Agawa River. March 9, 1981.
Another view of the wreck at Canyon - March 9, 1981.
parts.jpg (148255 bytes) The ACR was very frugal with almost everything, including these parts from one of the SD40's scrapped in 1991. Shown here at Steelton on June 20, 1994.
The 102 was the first GP7 to be wrecked and not rebuilt (I think!)  (check this out - one of the ACR's GP7's wrecked and rebuilt, but which one??) - Steelton June 14, 1994. added 3-13-2009
The 102 does appear that the frame on the GP7's was somewhat lighter built than GP9's and later units...I've read that was one weakness of the GP7. Steelton June 14, 1994. added 3-13-2009
More saved parts - Steelton June 14, 1994. added 3-13-2009

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