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Continuing on, here are some more of the Road Trip 2002 photos, with most of the BCR photos on the 3rd section page.

The passenger train tied up for the night at Windermere, B.C. Here the sun is getting rather low, but then it is nearly 9pm! July 5, 2002.
After waiting until aboot 2330h eh :), it was finally dark enough to take the flashbulb shots. Here is the 1400 on Kodachrome 64 film, f 5.6, and with 5 M5B bulbs fired in about 1-2 minutes. One bulb on the nose, and then the other 4 evenly spaced down the side of the unit. July 5, 2002.
The exact same scene as above, except on Kodachrome 200 (and a different body), at f 9.5, and the same flashbulbs as described above. Note the difference in the colour balance....the K200 is much redder. July 5, 2002.
Just after midnight we got what I think to be one of the best photos of the trip - the 3 F units in a perfect A-B-A set lit with 16 M5B flashbulbs on Kodachrome 64 film. July 6, 2002.
The next morning was bright and clear after yesterday's snow and rain. Here is a westbound crossing the bridge near Ottertail. Taken from the highway ;). July 6, 2002.
At Field there was this track evaluation train waiting for a westbound sulfur train (below) to clear up. July 6, 2002.
At Divide this westbound unit sulfur train was in and out of the sun, but still it is a nice photo....July 6, 2002.
Back at Field this westbound showed up with 2 leased units. I read later that most of these CEFX units are stored, so I might think getting the 2 different kinds on one train with no CPR power is unusual. July 6, 2002.
Here is the westbound Rock Mountain Rail Tours train highballing past Glacier. July 7, 2002.
After taking the above photos, we headed west towards Vernon, but then heard on the radio that the Rocky Mtn Tour was going to have to stop at Albert Canyon so an ambulance could reach a sick passenger. So we ducked in there to get the tour train again, and this eastbound was just arriving there as we got to the crossing. Those 2 GE's are lugging and chugging with that heavy lumber train! July 7, 2002.
The Rocky Mtn tour train is just coming to a stop at Albert Canyon. July 7, 2002.
After getting a few dark cloudy shots in Revelstoke, we headed on to Vernon for the night. Next morning it was raining, and while the rain had stopped by the time we got going, it was late afternoon before the sun came out. Here is the local running south towards Kelowna near Coldstream. July 8, 2002.
We also got a few dark shots of the Larkin branch train which had 3 M420's, including the one that was repainted. Here in Vernon the sun did come out, and this is the unit that was involved in an accident with a runaway tank car. July 8, 2002.
This unit is in the colours of the Okanagan Valley Ry, but lettered for the Central Kansas Ry.
This one was Carlton Trail Ry., but is also lettered Central Kansas.
And another unit lettered Central Kansas, but in the Hudson Bay Ry's paint. This is an ex SP GP20. July 8, 2002.
The Kelowna Pacific's train is now heading towards Kamloops and the CPR interchange with 5 units. A local railfan, Jim Johnson, was kind enough to fill us in on the local operations, and even chased this train for a little ways with us.
Here the train is just past Armstrong and charging up the hill. The 5 Alco's put on quite the show! July 8, 2002.
If we had only gotten here 30 seconds earlier, I would have been able to get the whole set of power in the photo. Oh well, its still a nice photo :). July 8, 2002.
After spending the night in Kamloops, we started out for the BCR, and near Savona we caught this eastbound with the United Way SD90 on the point. July 9, 2002.
Here's a down on view of the SD90MAC with the United Way lettering.
We didn't see a whole lot more until we got to Lillooet, where we got this northbound crossing the "Polly Bridge". July 9, 2002.
A few miles north of town we got this shot from the highway. The trailing unit, an SD40-2, was shut down account no water. It didn't seem to matter - the train was making decent time anyways. July 9, 2002
At Pavilion is a small limestone loading operation (which loads some material into some rather unique looking tank/covered hopper kitbashed cars!) and the northbound is slowly working his way upgrade. July 9, 2002.
A little while later along came a southbound, shown here rounding the curve at Pavilion in the sweet late afternoon light. July 9, 2002.
Near Gibbs we got another runby, with the power lines adding a little interest to the scene. July 9, 2002.
Just out of Lillooet was a lookout point and just by luck a northbound was spotted and quickly put on film. July 9. 2002.

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