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Here are the rest of the photos from the trip.

Here are the Budd Cars headed north crossing a bridge just outside of Squamish. July 10, 2002.
And this is the southbound freight that met the train above at Cheakamus. July 10, 2002.
After a crew change and some switching, the train is heading south to Vancouver. Shown here near Shannon on July 10, 2002.
Back to Cheakamus and then we got this southbound train in the early afternoon. July 10, 2002.
We then headed south to try and find a good spot for the Porteau Dinner Train, and here we got a shot of it at Lions Bay.
Here the Dinner Train is just arriving at Porteau, and the passengers will have some time to enjoy the scenery in the area. July 10, 2002.
Next morning we got the northbound Budd Cars near Shannon. July 11, 2002.
We then tried to get to Cheakamus before the southbound freight, but we missed it by a few minutes. Here the Budd Cars are headed north past the waiting train. July 11, 2002.
Then back to Squamish to get some more photos of the freight as it arrives in the yard. July 11, 2002.
Later the BCR ran a northbound freight and we got some so-so photos at Cheakamus. July 11, 2002.
On the way to D'Arcy we saw this bear wandering around a parking lot looking for food. It was just about the only wildlife we saw on the trip. July 11, 2002.
At Pemberton the helper set was getting ready to head to D'Arcy for a southbound train. Here they are going to back into the house track and pick up the GE lokie. July 11, 2002.
At Birken I got this photo of the helpers with some nice mountain scenery. July 11, 2002.
At D'Arcy the southbound is just arriving, and soon the helpers will be cut in and the train will be on the move once again. July 11, 2002.
At Gates crossing the train is working hard up the hill as the 5 unit helper is in Run 8.
Here are the helpers at the Birken crossing.
This is the Whistler Northwind, another luxury passenger train, and the colours remind me of the old Illinois Central paint, and also of the "earthtone colors" that were so popular in the '70's!
Back to the crossing near Gates for this shot on July 11, 2002.
Another "run and gun" type photo from a grade crossing near Gates.
The late afternoon shadows are starting to cross the tracks, but that some times can make for an interesting photo.
Its train time in Pemberton! First the southbound Budd Cars arrive....
Then the Whistler Northwind shows up, as the helpers are slowly heading north on the siding.
Here the passenger is just getting into the clear and the helpers are on their way to D'Arcy again for another southbound train.
The Whistler Northwind is going to tie up here for the night, and the passengers are going to be bussed somewhere else. July 11, 2002.
The train is now put away in the house track at Pemberton. July 11, 2002.
The next morning was the last in the BC area...and this was one more photo of the northbound Budd Cars on that bridge just north of Squamish. July 12, 2002. After this shot, it was drive to Vancouver and hit a couple of hobby shops, and then drive like mad down I-5 to LA, and I-10 back here  to Phoenix!

That is all Folks! Hope you enjoyed the photos........

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