Arizona Eastern Railroad

This railroad is an ex Southern Pacific branch that runs from Globe to the SP (UP) interchange at Bowie. They are running some ex UP (nee WP) GP35's and some ex BN (nee GN) and ex SP GP20's. This railroad has been sold to the G&W holding company and the Copper Spike excursion train is now history. The E8 has been sent to another tourist road in New York State.

New photos have a light yellow background. New photos added January 3, 2013 (scroll down to see them).

aze_1.jpg (259101 bytes) Here are some of the yard engines at Globe. The one on the right is ex-Inspiration Copper Company. Dec. 21, 1992.
aze_2045.jpg (231390 bytes) Power is being readied for the train to Bowie on March 15, 1993 at Claypool.
aze_frt.jpg (287284 bytes) Here is the freight headed eastbound towards Bowie and interchange with the SP. Shown here in Globe on March 22, 1993.
ae2170.jpg (220441 bytes)

Here is a GP20 switching near the wire and rod mill in Claypool, AZ. early in the morning of Nov. 21, 1994.

ae2503.jpg (302466 bytes) A set of engines is waiting for the call to duty at Claypool, AZ., on Nov. 21, 1994.
A close up roster of GP35 #2503 at Claypool AZ on Nov. 21, 1994.
A couple of months later another set of power is ready for service at Claypool AZ on Feb. 6, 1995.
Its just a few years later (!) and things have changed a bit on the AZER Railway. Here is a set of ex LMX B39-8's arriving at Globe, AZ on March 15, 2010.
They have leased (bought?) some ex CIT SD90/43MAC's. Shown here at Globe, AZ on March 15, 2010.
The Copper Spike passenger train is pushing back towards the station in Globe, passing the outbound freight's power. March 15, 2010.
Here the eastbound freight is passing the casino at Cutter, AZ on March 15, 2010.
Part of the trip on the Copper Spike train ride includes a little street running in Globe before heading to the Apache Gold casino at Cutter. March 15, 2010.
Headed eastbound in downtown Globe....March 15, 2010.
A couple of weeks later I made another trip to Globe and I finally got a decent shot of the old Heisler steam engine that is bad order and not likely to be repaired. Miami, Arizona March 27, 2010.
Another stored engine is this old GP7 from the Texas and Northeast RR. Miami, AZ March 27, 2010.
I climbed up a hill to get this shot of the 2 stored engines in the yard at Miami, AZ March 27, 2010.
Here are the ex LMX units - they appear to be stored, and maybe returned to the owner and/or sold, account the SD90/43MAC's are now on the property. Miami, AZ March 27, 2010.
And here is the reason for this trip - a clean shiny ex C&NW E8A painted in the Southern Pacific "Black Widow" scheme! This engine had just arrived on the property a few days earlier and is making its first revenue runs. March 27, 2010.
A few miles east of the station the train is crossing a highway headed to the casino. March 27, 2010.
After going to the casino the train is returning to the station in Globe. There is a GP35 on the other end of the train. March 27, 2010.
The Copper Spike train made several round trips per day between the Globe station and the casino. Here it is headed eastbound ... the sun is getting a bit lower making for better light. March 27, 2010.
Shown here at Cutter (the casino) with a nice clean roof line. March 27, 2010.
Later in the afternoon the train is returning to the Globe station. March 27, 2010.
The late afternoon sun really lights up the engine! March 27, 2010.
Shown here at Globe, AZ a couple of hours before sunset, and the nearly full moon can be seen above the engine. March 27, 2010.
This is the same engine as shown above - photo was taken in Chicago, IL October 16, 1977. Note the 2 small holes in the pilot - they are still there today. However the 4 portholes have been blanked out, the fuel tank has been modified and fans have been added to the center section of the roof (likely by Metra for dynamic brakes?). Photo by K. C. Henkels.
Here are my first photos of the new power on the Arizona Eastern since G&W took over. Nice looking units - they are ex SP/UP B40-8's. Miami, Arizona - September 13, 2012.
Rear view of the above unit. Miami, Arizona - September 13, 2012.
This is an interesting modification of an Ortner 3 bay hopper - an operator's position has been made on the platform, complete with a horn. Used for dumping ballast.  Miami, Arizona - September 13, 2012.

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