Black Mesa & Lake Powell Railroad

Finally!! After living in the state of Arizona since 1983, I now have "decent" photos of this railroad. Once in 1986 I did get a roster of a catenary pole on the way to Durango. This road is an isolated (does not connect with any other railroad) road that hauls coal from a mine at Black Mesa (on the Navajo Reservation) to the power plant at Page. They have recently purchased ex NdeM electrics, and one of them is in service now, but it has not been repainted or even renumbered.

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bmlp1.jpg (106254 bytes) This is my first 'real' shot of the Black Mesa & Lake Powell RR. Here is a loaded coal train just arriving at the power plant in Page at about 745am on March 20, 2001. Note the fourth unit is the ex NdeM unit recently placed in service.
bmlp2.jpg (153959 bytes) Here is a 'rolling roster' view of the NdeM unit. Note that is has not been relettered or even renumbered. Page, AZ March 20, 2001. Here is a view of one of these units at the BNSF Winslow yard being readied for transport to Page.
bmlp3.jpg (168023 bytes) I was getting ready to leave after hearing on the scanner that there would be no "day coal train" today, when I heard a "ballast extra" calling the dispatcher for clearance. Instead of a caboose, why not this pickup on the flat car. This train is being pushed by an electric and their one diesel from the rear. Page, AZ March 20, 2001.
bmlp4.jpg (137218 bytes) This is an interesting power consist! Page, AZ March 20, 2001.
bmlp5.jpg (121421 bytes) I don't know much about this diesel, but it certainly appears to be a "hybrid" of some sort, although apparently based on an Alco or GE frame and trucks. Page, AZ on March 20, 2001.
Work again took me to Page in the fall, and here is an empty train headed south from Page on Oct. 16, 2001. The high thin clouds dulled the colors somewhat, but at least it was a consist without any of the new Mexican units!


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