Burlington Northern Santa Fe

This is what used to be the Santa Fe....same tracks, but much different looking engines!

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bnsf_sbspecl.jpg (187758 bytes)

Here is my first BNSF train! This is the 1996 Superbowl Special, shown here southbound at Drake, Arizona on Jan. 27, 1996. Drake is where the BNSF interchanges with the Arizona Central.

bnsf_units.jpg (194457 bytes) A close up view of the 2 units on the Superbowl Special. These units were only a week or so old when they were used on this train. Jan. 27, 1996 at Drake, AZ.
bnsf_congress.jpg (198197 bytes) Another view of the Superbowl Special at Congress, AZ, just a little ways north (RR east) of Wickenburg. Jan. 27, 1996.
bnsf_surprise.jpg (211390 bytes) Here is the Superbowl Special arriving at the automobile facility in Surprise, AZ. The units would be cut off the train here, and the 2 freshly painted Santa Fe GP35's would then place the cars into the auto yard. Jan 27, 1996.
NdeM_winslow.jpg (234958 bytes) Here are 2 ex N de M electric locomotives being transshipped from rail to heavy highway trailers for movement to the Black Mesa and Lake Powell Railroad. The BM&LP does not connect with any other railroad. Shown here at Winslow, AZ on Jan. 28, 2000.
bnsf_hb1.jpg (259343 bytes) While in Holbrook a couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to find this westbound coal train stopped waiting for some eastbound traffic to clear (this was because a rail gang had one of the mains out of service). The clouds were moving in, but I was lucky to have a gap in the clouds long enough to get these photos. March 1, 2000.
bnsf_hb2.jpg (269903 bytes) The clouds did add a nice background to these photos. Usually the train is in the shadows, but for once it worked out with the train in the sun, with the dark snow clouds to the east. Holbrook, AZ. March 1, 2000.
bnsf_hb3.jpg (238289 bytes) Here a eastbound is highballing by the stopped coal train. Holbrook, AZ on March 1, 2000.
bnsf_hb4.jpg (239345 bytes) Another eastbound is approaching the coal train at Holbrook, AZ. March 1, 2000.
bnsf_hb5.jpg (194620 bytes) The coal train finally gets underway headed to the west and into the approaching rain/snow storm. This is his helper unit (DPU) throttling up to get the train moving again. Holbrook, AZ. March 1, 2000.
bnsf_hb6.jpg (233300 bytes) Right behind the coal train was this stack train, and as soon as the coal train left town, he was able to pull up to the same spot that the coal train had been in. Literally 30 seconds after I took this shot, the clouds covered the sun for the rest of the day. March 1, 2000 at Holbrook, AZ.

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