Union Pacific

Here are some pictures taken since the Great Yellow Fleet started appearing in Arizona on the former Southern Pacific Lines.

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NEW! Here are the UP 844 Steam Special Photos on a separate page. Added December 13, 2011. 

up_3300.jpg (206175 bytes)

This will be the start of my UP in Arizona page, and its a good way to start off with a photo of the United Way unit that was in town with a special passenger train for the Fiesta Bowl football game. Shown here in Tempe, AZ on Jan. 1, 1996.

up_3300_1.jpg (168782 bytes) Same unit as above, only about 12 hours later! I used 5 or 6 #25B flashbulbs with the camera set at f5.6 on Kodachrome 64 film. Jan. 1, 1996 at Tempe, AZ.
UPe1.jpg (217276 bytes) Here are the famous E units on the West Phoenix Line last November, 1998. This was the first time the line had been used for about 2 years. This photo is at the old site of Montezuma, Arizona.
UPe3.jpg (221126 bytes) Same location as above, just backed out on the zoom lens a bit.
UPe2.jpg (275194 bytes) We then beat the train to Kinter, AZ, which is just east of Yuma.
eunits_at_shawmut.jpg (245913 bytes) Here are the E units headed east at Shawmut, Arizona on May 11, 1999. This was taken around 4pm at a spot where the track curves far enough to the west to get nose light on eastbounds during the longer days of summer.
up4049.jpg (222445 bytes) Besides the E unit train shown above, there were some other goodies that day at Shawmut. Here's a "rolling roster" of a freshly painted SD40T-2,  an ex DRGW unit. May 11, 1999.
up4745.jpg (191985 bytes) Here's my first shot of a UP SD45, even if it is an ex-SP unit, and a "SD40M-2" at that. Still it looks nice in the late afternoon sunshine on this eastbound. May 11, 1999 at Shawmut, Arizona.
This is the westbound Officer's Special traveling at 70+ mph near Mobile. This train had two new SD70M's with the large US Flag decals applied just before this trip. Nov. 17, 2001 at Mobile, AZ.
After some rather fast driving :) I got ahead of the special near Estrella and beat it to Shawmut by about 45 seconds! Nov. 17, 2001 at Shawmut, AZ.
And here is a close up (rolling roster) of the lead unit. Shawmut, AZ. on Nov. 17, 2001.
The Western Pacific Heritage unit is in the siding headed westbound at Shawmut, Arizona on January 23, 2010. Fuji Provia 100F film!
Here are a couple of photos of a westbound auto train making a set-off at Picacho, AZ. This is the first time I have seen two different heritage units together and with no yellow units anywhere in sight! October 28, 2010. Taken with a basic digital camera.
Nice afternoon light at Picacho....Taken with a basic digital camera.
My first photo of the 1982 - this was the one Heritage unit I had not seen until now. These 3 photos were taken with a basic digital camera....the good shots are on film!!! Of course it will be a week or so before I will get the slides back.

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