Canadian Trains

Here are some photos of different railroads from around the country that I have taken over the past 25 years or so......

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New photos are with a yellow cell background color.

cpr1.jpg (214291 bytes) Here is the 6 unit helper set returning to Rogers for the next uphill train. June 25, 1988.
via1.jpg (142992 bytes) The "Canadian" at Hector on a beautiful June 19, 1988 day - nice after several days of rain and fog!
cpr8.jpg (191490 bytes) This is a scene taken from the Trans-Canada highway at Ottertail on June 7, 1987.
cpr5.jpg (154626 bytes) This train is just crossing the BC- Alberta border on a sunny June 7, 1987.
cpr2.jpg (130587 bytes) On June 18, 1988 this eastbound has just left the mountainous country behind it.
via2.jpg (133690 bytes) This 2 unit set of Budd cars is westbound at Franz, ON just west of the ACR diamond. Taken Aug. 27, 1983.
cpr6.jpg (190002 bytes) This is near the Spiral Tunnels - a "shoot from the car" scene on  June 19, 1988.
cnr2.jpg (188916 bytes) Here's a CNR train passing through the rock sheds at Lytton BC Sept. 3, 1995.
bcr2.jpg (116242 bytes) Sept 1, 1995 finds this northbound train meeting the Royal Hudson at Squamish, BC.
cnr4.jpg (168970 bytes) An eastbound train is passing Martel BC.
bcr1.jpg (128968 bytes) The Royal Hudson is turning on the wye in Squamish yard while an Alco RS18 yard engine switches logs.
cnr5.jpg (103342 bytes) The eastbound Super Continental is in North Bay, ON on July 27, 1974.
And on the way back to Sault Ste Marie that afternoon I caught up to CPR Train No. 911 a little west of Sudbury. July 27, 1974.
via3.jpg (110242 bytes) Here is the eastbound Canadian slowing for its station stop at Franz, ON Oct 8, 1983.
cnr1.jpg (140700 bytes) New CNR units on a unit train are north (east) from Vancouver near the Cisco bridges.

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