Here are some photos taken in Canada, mostly in the western provinces.


Here are some general Canadian scenes that I've taken over the years. One new CPR shot added May 10, 2006.


This page is some of my older Canadian Pacific slides that I took while living in the Sault Ste Marie area starting in 1964 through late 1983.


On this page are photos from a trip to Churchill in Sept. 1995...a really fun trip and my first time in a 'real' sleeping car. This was just before the steam heated equipment was replaced with HEP cars. Steam heated cars and F units in 1995 - what a trip :). 


These 2 pages are of my trip to the BCR in Sept. of 1998.

Quebec Cartier

These 2 pages are from my trip to New England and Eastern Quebec in July of 2000. 


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