Here are a few shots of odd stuff that didn't fit anywhere else, or else I don't have enough slides to make a whole new page for them.

New photos have a darker background in the cell.  

Would you like prints of most any of these slides? Go to Desert-Rails.com for details!

car_ferry.jpg (184054 bytes) The Ann Arbor used to run a car ferry from Upper Michigan to the lower Peninsula, and here it is at the Menominee dock in July of 1964.
I just recently found these 3 old slides of the Ann Arbor M of W equipment taken in Menominee, Michigan that I thought may be of interest to Ann Arbor fans. This appears to be an old heavyweight observation car rebuilt into work train service. Shown here on July 25, 1967 at Menominee, Michigan near the car ferry dock shown above.
One of the Ann Arbor's work train box cars. It looks like an old wooden box car that was rebuilt into a steel car. July 25, 1967 at Menominee, Michigan.
Another interesting old Ann Arbor box car in work train service...an old wooden box car. Menominee, Michigan on July 25, 1967.
4spot.jpg (128985 bytes) This is the Laona & Northern mixed train near Laona, Wisconsin in Sept. of 1965, which is still running today.
In early August of 1966 my Grandfather and I went to lower Michigan to visit relatives for a family reunion. Of course I got in some railfanning as well! Here is a Grand Trunk commuter train headed towards Detroit on August 3, 1966 in Bloomfield Hills.
The next three photos are of the Cadillac & Lake City Ry when they were still in Michigan....long before they moved to Colorado. Here is Engine No. 7, and their "big" engine No. 11 (a 0-4-0 tank) was inside the shop. August 5, 1966 in Cadillac, Michigan.
This caboose has no number on it. August 5, 1966 in Cadillac, Michigan.
This old heavyweight observation car apparently came from the Canadian National and/or the Grand Trunk. It was numbered 84 when I got this photo in Cadillac, Michigan on August 5, 1966.
Later that same day I got this Pennsylvania RR train switching some cars in Boyne Falls, Michigan.
Here is an eastbound train at Dean (Midland) Michigan on October 1, 1969. The Dow Chemical Plant is in the background. Thanks to Matt Smith who recently (1-2-2013) emailed me the details of where I had shot this photo so long ago.
ch_steam.jpg (209229 bytes) This engine is shown in Houghton, Michigan on Nov. 5, 1969 on its way to a museum in lower Michigan.
On one of my Spring Break trips to Florida I got this Central of Georgia train in Daisy, Tennessee on March 29, 1970. I think it is the only Central of Georgia train I ever photographed.
Here is an Air Force car on the Chicago & Northwestern in Marinette, WI around noon on a southbound train. Reporting marks are USAX G54.
Here is Mike Cleary (l) and Erie Mining RR engineer Bob Anderson at Taconite Harbor, MN on June 24, 1994. Mike has just given Bob a copy of a Trains Magazine with an article about the Erie Mining RR in it.

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