Grand Canyon Ry. Railfan Weekend!

Here are the first of my photos just back from Kodalux of the ATSF 3751 NRHS Special in Williams, Arizona. The last 2 runbys are still in the camera :). But at least I've got most of them back, scanned and posted for all to enjoy!

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The first train of the day was the northbound move of the 4960 running light ahead of everything else to be in position for later runbys during the day. Shown here at Red Lake, AZ.
Not too far behind the light move was the star of the show, the ATSF 3751 and train heading northbound at Red Lake.
On the tail end of the train were 2 Amtrak units providing HEP for the passenger cars.
Further on north, the 3751 Special is passing Willaha at speed.
Here is the start of the first runby at Woodin. Note the Amtrak units pushing on the tail end.
A going away shot with the Amtrak units on the tail end.
The second runby at Woodin had the GCR's 4960 double-headed with the 3751.
And the going away shot of the second runby.
A group shot at the Grand Canyon.
With 2 passenger trains at the Grand Canyon, a little switching had to be done to get everything in position and ready to head south.
2 of the GCR's ex CNR/VIA FPA4's are backing up towards the Grand Canyon station.
Here the special is headed back towards Williams and is shown here near Coconino, a few miles south of the Grand Canyon.
At Willaha, they did several runbys, and the late afternoon light in the clear high desert country sure made for some good photos, along with the efforts of the Grand Canyon Ry's employee's.
Another runby from a different angle and with the wide angle zoom.
Here the train is leaving Willaha after the runbys and the Williams Flyer has passed.
Just before sunset I got this shot at the Espee Road crossing near Red Lake.
The next morning the train headed down the BNSF's Peavine branch, and here it is going around the "upper horseshoe" near the former station of Corva.
Here the special is crossing the high bridge near Drake, Arizona.
We then drove to Piedmont, which is a little ways north and east of Congress.
Because of the remote location of Piedmont, there were not too many foamers here.

That was all the photos I got on this trip - after driving another few hours and waiting for 2 hours in the 110 degree heat at Hope (on the A&C) my old Canon A-1 decided it didn't want to take anymore photos, and so locked up just when the train showed up, and of course started working again after the train was past. Murphy's Law in action, I guess.

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