Ahnapee & Western

The Ahnapee and Western was a short line that ran south from Sturgeon Bay, Wisc. to near Green Bay. They had 2 GE 70 ton engines and a few other pieces of equipment.

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aw_train.jpg (132006 bytes) In May of 1966 I took this photo near Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin of this train with 1 car and a caboose. Note the Santa Fe box appears to be a rebuilt wooden car with steel sides.
aw_cab.jpg (111767 bytes) The one and only caboose of the railroad in Sturgeon Bay, Wis. on Jan. 27, 1967.
aw_lokies.jpg (134731 bytes) This is the entire motive power fleet. Sturgeon Bay - Jan. 27, 1967.
aw_plow.jpg (123731 bytes) Here is the plow at Sturgeon Bay. Jan. 27. 1967.

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