Lake Superior & Ishpeming

The Lake Superior & Ishpeming is a smaller railroad in the iron ore country of Upper Michigan. They used to have quite a collection of Alco's, and in several different paints schemes. Nowadays all they run are ex BN C30-7's, still in BN green.

The newest photos have a lighter color background in the cells.

NEW! I have rescanned all of the LS&I steam engine slides and also added 7 new ones ! The slides were rescanned with the Nikon 4000 ED scanner, and all dust spots and other problems were removed.

Would you like prints of most any of these slides? Go to for details!

lsi_2501.jpg (146218 bytes) The Lake Superior & Ishpeming received two U25C's in 1964, and this one is shown at the Marquette shops in Sept. of 1964. 
lsi_1001.jpg (298699 bytes) Here is RS1 No. 1001 at Harvey, Mich. on a nice sunny day in August of 1966.
lsi_1002.jpg (179111 bytes) Another RS1, this one No. 1002, at Marquette headed eastbound. Aug. 1964.
lsi_coalcar.jpg (111686 bytes) Isn't this "thing" a trip! It certainly would make a great project for a modeler. Obviously by the time I photographed it in August of 1966 it had been rotting away for many years, if not decades. It is a wonder it lasted as long as it did with the fierce Upper Michigan winter storms.
RS3 no. 1610 is enjoying a little August sunshine before the chill of another Upper Michigan winter sets in. Marquette, Michigan - August 31, 1966.
lsi_1803.jpg (186257 bytes) One of the original RSD-12's in the afternoon sun at Marquette, Mich. on July 12, 1969.
Later that fall, my brother started going to Northern Michigan University in Marquette, and he quickly found these steam engines stored dead somewhere near the LS&I yards. Most all of these engines have since been saved and restored, including 2 (the 18 and 29) by the Grand Canyon Railway here in Arizona. November 9, 1969.
And here is a roster view of the 21, which has recently been purchased from the LS&I and plans are to restore it. Marquette, Michigan on November 9, 1969.
Another view of the 21.  ***New Photo***
Trying my new telephoto lens on the 21.
Engine No. 20. ***New Photo***
Here is a photo of the group of engines in the Marquette dead line. Looks like someone had started to remove some items and then left them sit there.
Here is the 18, which has been restored by the Grand Canyon Railway here in Arizona - they did an outstanding job on the restoration!
A rear view of the 18. ***New Photo***
This one was also restored by the Grand Canyon Railway, and again they did a great job. Little did I realize at the time that both myself and some of these engines would be in Arizona 30 some years later!!
Here is the 29 and the 35 coupled nose to nose. ***New Photo***
A side view of the 34. ***New Photo***
Engine No. 35. ***New Photo***
A close up side view of the 35. ***New Photo***
And a group shot from the other end of the dead line.
lsi_van.jpg (194300 bytes) One of the old cabooses in the Marquette yard on Nov. 9, 1969.
lsi_van_2.jpg (192809 bytes) Another old caboose in Marquette on Nov. 9, 1969. Note the old arch bar trucks. On this day there was another caboose upside down in the ditch right off to the right of this photo.

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