The Milwaukee Road

The Milwaukee Road ran north from Green Bay, Wis. to Crivitz (this spot was once known as Ellis Jct.!) where the trains met a southbound train from Iron Mountain. Here cars for Marinette and Menominee were switched out for a train to run the branch from Crivitz to Marinette and return. Once back to Crivitz, the two trains would return to their starting points. Power during the time I was there was usually hordes of F units, sometimes as many as 8 or 9, and at times maybe half of them would actually be running. The Fairbanks-Morse C-Liners would show up at times also, but they were gone from this area by late 1964, and I only got 2 shots of them in Marinette.

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milw_c_liner.jpg (213606 bytes) This is the power on the train that ran on the branch from Crivitz to Marinette. Soon after this photo was taken, the C-Liners were gone from this area, and the train only had one unit instead of 4-6 units as they used to have. July of 1964.
milw_17a.jpg (178798 bytes) My first trip to Milwaukee found this E7A unit at the old Milwaukee Road station in downtown Milwaukee. July 22, 1964.
milw_obs.jpg (205028 bytes) The Milwaukee Road had some interesting passenger cars, including this observation car named "Dell Rapids". At Milwaukee on Jul 22, 1964.
Back in the day, so to speak, no one seemed to mind 2 kids (myself and Joe Seidl) wandering around railroad yards with cameras in hand! Here is a view of the Milwaukee Road's hump yard in Milwaukee, Wisconsin taken July 22, 1964.
I got even bolder and walked right up to the hump tower and blasted away with the camera.....again, I was only 15 when I shot this photo! July 22, 1964. Just try this today with all of the paranoia that is out there now.....
Here is a photo of some Milwaukee Road passenger power near the old station in Milwaukee...July 22, 1964.
Even though this photo is blurred (remember I was only 15 at the time eh :)) I thought it would be worth posting. Milwaukee, WI July 22, 1964.
Here is a set of Milwaukee E units near the station in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in June of 1965.
milw_718.jpg (216608 bytes) The only FM yard engine I ever saw in Union Pacific colors was here in Milwaukee in June of 1965, near the Milwaukee Road passenger station.
The freight from Iron Mountain is just arriving at Crivitz, Wisconsin and will be setting off some cars for Marinette and Green Bay before heading back to Iron Mountain with the northbound cars. August of 1965.
milw_ccl.jpg (157577 bytes) Here is the Copper Country Limited in Iron Mountain in Feb. of 1966.
milw_btm.jpg (232432 bytes) In Crivitz on a nice summer day of July 1966 was this set of FM units, with a GP9 at the far end being cut off to run the branch to Marinette.

This is the westbound leaving Marinette headed towards Crivitz on another pleasant July afternoon in 1966.

Crivitz was always a good spot for getting some decent Milwaukee photos, and this day was a good one! Here is the southbound (to Green Bay) train's power waiting for the train from Marinette to show up. The southend's crew usually ran into Marinette with one of the units from their train (note the open nose door and m.u. cable).

Meanwhile, the northbound (to Iron Mountain) train is leaving Crivitz with 3 of the Fairbanks-Morse H16-44 units.
milw_760.jpg (83361 bytes) This time exposure was taken on Jan 14, 1967 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
milw_28B.jpg (249728 bytes) Once the Milwaukee Road gave up on their C-Liners, they were all stored at Bensenville, IL. Here a B unit has been shoved off the end of a track and left to rot. Sept. 2, 1967.
In the fall of 1967 I went off to Michigan Technological University in Houghton, Michigan and of course within a day or so after I got there I was out shooting train photos! I didn't have a car then, so most of the shots were taken within walking distance of the school. This was the only shot I ever got of the train southbound. October 3, 1967 in Houghton, Michigan.
 The track went right behind the campus, so I could usually get a somewhat decent shot. November 8, 1967.
This was the day of the last run of the Copper Country Limited. Shown here behind the MTU campus in March of 1968.
A view of the station and the last southbound run of the Copper Country Ltd. March 1968.
The train is waiting for the highball for the last time at Calumet. March 1968.
The B unit....
One of the two coaches....
At a crossing somewhere south of Calumet, I got this last shot of the Copper Country Ltd. March 1968.
A going away view....
And the last run heads off into the sunset just south of Calumet, Michigan on a cold March day in 1968.
July 25, 1970 found this Baldwin working the streets of Minneapolis/St. Paul.
May 11, 1974 I had a chance to shoot some Milwaukee F units at Crivitz, Wisconsin. Here a set of F units is at the station.
The other end of the above consist. Crivitz, WI May 11, 1974.
And here is the northbound train leaving Crivitz headed towards Iron Mountain. Of the 7 units here, I wonder how many were actually working?? ;). May 11, 1974.

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