Escanaba & Lake Superior

The Escanaba & Lake Superior is based near Escanaba at Wells, and they are noted for running old power such as Baldwins painted in the orange and green Great Northern scheme.

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els_101.jpg (218798 bytes) The crew here was kind enough to pose for the camera of a 17 year old kid on this sunny day of Aug. 31, 1966 at the main shops in Wells, Mich.
els_plow.jpg (184266 bytes) Here is the road's snowplow, shown at Wells, Mich. on March 17, 1967.
This is an old Copper Range coach that has now been beautifully restored by the Mid-Continent Railway Museum - click the link for the photos. They did a really great job on this car! Wells, Michigan on February 20, 1980.

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