Manistique & Lake Superior

The Manistique and Lake Superior was a short line running north from Manistique and they had one engine, one caboose and one snowplow - at least, that is all that I ever photographed. The railroad was bought by the Ann Arbor, and today the one engine they had is in the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay, Wis.

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mls_1.jpg (170541 bytes) This was the only engine the railroad had, and I think it is a S3. Shown here at Manistique on Aug. 25, 1964. The engine was in the shop, but the watchman was kind enough to start it up and let my friend Joe Seidl back it out - and of course I was jealous!
mls_plow.jpg (138700 bytes) In Sept. of 1965 I got this photo of the snowplow at Manistique.
mls_van.jpg (134132 bytes) And the last photo I ever took of the M&LS was of the caboose, shown here at Manistique in August of 1966.

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