Running Extra!

Despite what some people may think, I do take pictures of things other than trains! Here are some of my favorite photos that I think you will enjoy.....

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lightning1.jpg (128425 bytes) Each year, Arizona gets what is called the "monsoon rainy season", usually between July 4th and Sept 15th. This year's monsoon was about average in rainfall, and a bit better for lightning displays. The following 3 photos were taken from my back patio (under a roof, of course!), using a 70-210mm Canon F4 lens at f5.6 and about 30-60 seconds exposure. Film is Kodachrome 64.
lightning2.jpg (139558 bytes) Another photo of lots of lightning during the same storm as the above photo.
lightning3.jpg (135513 bytes) One more lightning photo....
ham.jpg (207739 bytes) Here is a slide of my first ham radio station, taken in 1964 with a 25B flashbulb on Kodachrome II film! Note the model railroad power pack used to provide power to the keyer....
ham2.jpg (244413 bytes) And here is a picture of my somewhat more modern ham radio station, complete with Chessie the Cat keeping herself warm on top of the Yaesu VHF/UHF radio.
chessie.jpg (189385 bytes) Here is a photo of my cat, Chessie, taken in Chandler, AZ in 1994. She was born at Frater Station on the Algoma Central on June 14, 1977 and died Dec 12, 1995 in Chandler. I guess most railfans would name their cat Chessie :)
beerfire.jpg (132470 bytes) Here is a time exposure of the old brewery burning down on the night of Dec. 28, 1966 in Menominee, Michigan, where I grew up. Camera was a Kodak Rangefinder with Kodachrome II film, but I certainly don't remember the exposure details anymore...!
sugarbeet.jpg (91196 bytes) Another old abandoned building is on fire in September of 1967. This is the old sugar beet factory in Menominee, Michigan, and the photo was taken from the Marinette, Wisconsin side of the river. Camera was a Miranda G and Kodachrome II film, likely about 2-3 minutes set on bulb.
fraterfire.jpg (130009 bytes) This is what bored train order operators did at remote stations along the Algoma Central....soaking brooms in diesel fuel, then lighting them off and waving them around in front of the camera! The next day I ordered some more brooms from Steelton Stores, and I think they thought we were keeping the station really clean! Frater, Ontario, August 1979.
fireworks1.jpg (262438 bytes) The next three shots are of Canada Day fireworks, but using a camera set on 30 second exposure and hand held and deliberately moved around during exposure. Quite a few of the slides were heavers, but some did turn out rather nicely....Sault Ste Marie, Ont. July 2, 1979.
fireworks2.jpg (195644 bytes) Same as used was a Canon A1 and film was Kodachrome 25 exposed for 30 seconds, but I do not remember the f-stop used, but it was likely 5.6 or 4. July 2, 1979 at Sault Ste Marie, Ont.
fireworks3.jpg (173094 bytes) And one more hand-held fireworks shot...I really liked the intense red that Kodachrome really brings out. July 2, 1979 at Sault Ste Marie, Ont.
vegas_2.jpg (184160 bytes) Last Thanksgiving (1998) I was in the Las Vegas, Nevada area for a few days of railfanning and of course checking out the scene on the "strip". Here is the MGM Grand. All photos were taken on Kodachrome 200 film at 1/30 sec at either f2.8 or f4.0.
vegas_1.jpg (191373 bytes) A close up of the MGM Grand Lion. This was made here in the Phoenix area and then moved to Las Vegas in pieces and then re-assembled on site.
vegas_3.jpg (142467 bytes) Here is the Statue of Liberty at the New York, New York Casino.
vegas_4.jpg (169419 bytes) One of the most colorful displays was this one at the Riviera Hotel.
vegas_5.jpg (181076 bytes) Another view of the Riviera...they sure used enough neon lights, like most all of Vegas!

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