The Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul!

Here are some photos taken on a trip to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area on the Thanksgiving weekend of 1966. While the weather wasn't the best, still it was a good trip and for a 17 year old kid it was a chance to get some photos of something other the Northwestern in Upper Michigan :).

It was rather dark this day, but I shot a bunch of Kodachrome II anyways, and I am glad that I did, seeing as how these photos can't be replaced today! November 24, 1996.
Another shot on November 24, 1966.
It was interesting to see all of the different kinds of engines that were still in service back then. November 24, 1966.
An older F unit in the consist.
And another F unit, somewhat newer than the one above.
Here is a group photo with the above units...sure was quite a consist eh :).
This is the same unit that I got a photo of in the EMD plant (see the Chicago page).
The Burlington also had some interesting units.
Another SD24.
A fairly new U28B.
And a group of F units at the sand tower.
Then we got some Great Northern units.....
At Shoreham yard (I think!) we got this Soo Line FM with clean fresh paint.
Here is an ex M&StL RS1 in CNW colors.
The next day it was still cloudy but we continued to shoot anyways. Here's a Milwaukee Road Baldwin at Pig's Eye yard.
The Chicago Great Western was well known for strings of F units, and here a set of them rests between runs.
This is a "cow & calf" set of yard engines on the CGW.
The GP20's were still fairly new power at this time, and here a set of Burlington power is being serviced before another run.
The sun finally did come out for a little while, and these GN F units are awaiting repairs from the looks of them.
Here is a rare NW5 switching.
The Great Northern had some interesting cabooses.
And a set of power is being moved around the yard to get into position for the next run.
The Great Northern had one of the best color schemes in my opinion, although I never did care for the "simplified" scheme as shown here on the lead F unit.
Over at the Northwestern yard we got this SD40 just before sunset.
And of course the next morning it was back to the usual cloudy weather. It looks like the trailing unit has been repainted in a modified or "simplified" scheme.
The last photo of this trip was at the Soo Line's Shoreham yard with the new GP30's on the point.

I hope you have enjoyed this trip back to 1966 in the Twin Cities area. The  2nd Section of Twin Cities photos (of my July 1970 trip) is now here - click below for the next page!

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