The Twin Cities - 2nd Section!

Here are the photos from my 2nd trip to the Twin Cities area, in July of 1970. The BN merger had just occurred a couple of months earlier, so it was a good time to get a lot of different consists before the engines were all painted green and black.

The next two days were going to be quite productive what with lots of sunshine and engines in good position. Here is an ex NP yard engine. July 25, 1970.
This freshly painted yard engine is soaking up some sun early in the morning of July 25, 1970.
One of the rare NW5's the Great Northern had is already patched with its new BN number.
Another yard engine, this in the short lived "Big Sky Blue" paint.
This NP F unit is still wearing its Northern Pacific number.
But this ex GN unit has already been patched into its BN number.
This is a rather interesting piece of MofW equipment...I don't know anything about it...when built, by who, etc.
And this is the steam heat car that was with the above plow. For a photo of a similar car at the Mid-Continent Railway Museum, click here.
Here is a passenger train just leaving town with NP and GN cars behind it.
The Minneapolis, Northfield and Southern had some interesting power.
This was a rare Baldwin CenterCab yard engine, with a diesel generator set in each end.
More Northern Pacific F units in the freight colors.
This was not a good day for's what's left of a CB&Q wooden caboose.
A set of F units ready for the next train.
Still wearing its CB&Q colors and numbers is this unit.
This old Milw Baldwin was working the streets and industries on a pleasant summer afternoon.
More interesting power at the shops.
An ex GN GP20 - one of the few built with high hoods.
This GP30 is still in its Great Northern paint and number, but someone has liberated the "Rocky" emblem from under the cab window.
The next morning (the 26th) we found this Baldwin warming up in the morning sun.
Here's a SD24 on what used to be a roundhouse.
A rare U25C already patched into its BN number.
Here's a freshly painted U25B just out of the paint shop.
This was one of several experimental color schemes the BN was trying out before the merger.
This Big Sky Blue ex GN F unit is waiting for its next trip.
This Northern Pacific RS11 is still unpatched, but rather dirty.
While not in the Twin Cities area, this is close enough...! Here is a Great Northern SD7 with a Northern Pacific wooden caboose in the Duluth/Superior area taken in September of 1970.

I hope you have enjoyed these photos of the Twin Cities area from nearly 35 years ago. It would be 1994 before I would get back to this area, and someday I'll have slides from that trip posted.....

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