Here are some photos from the Carrizozo New Mexico area with *real* semaphores (as in lower quadrant) that used to be on the ex Espee line. These blades have now fallen, but at least I was able to get there once before they were gone.

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carz1.jpg (210872 bytes) Bright and early Saturday morning May 1, 1999 finds this power at Deming, NM. The three Santa Fe units on the left are still "pure" Santa Fe, i.e., no BNSF markings or renumberings at all.
carz2.jpg (203800 bytes) Later on that day, on the way north towards Carrizozo, we found this NS engine idling away in the house track at Three Rivers. It was still there 3 days later on our return trip. May 1, 1999.
carz3.jpg (176967 bytes) Here is a westbound coal train at the first set of semaphores just north of Carrizozo. May 1, 1999.
carz4.jpg (166708 bytes) Another westbound train at Carrizozo is this solid autorack train with CSX power on the point. May 1, 1999.
carz5.jpg (194999 bytes) Here is an eastbound train splitting the blades just north of the town of Carrizozo on May 1, 1999.
carz6.jpg (182348 bytes) The lonely railroad sentinel guarding the main line late Saturday afternoon May 1, 1999. This storm system is the one that caused the tornadoes a couple of days later in Oklahoma City. This is the photo used for the background on this page, with a little help from an image editor!
carz7.jpg (220682 bytes) A late afternoon westbound at the signal shown above. May 1, 1999.
carz8.jpg (159109 bytes) That evening we did some flashbulb photos of a train tied down at the Carrizozo yard. We used 6 number 25B bulbs, shot off one at a time with the cameras on a tripod and shutter set to bulb. Aperture with Kodachrome 64 film was f 5.6. May 1, 1999.
carz9.jpg (236335 bytes) Here is the train from the above photo the next morning with the new crew on board, but now waiting for a broken rail to be repaired north of town. May 2, 1999.
carz10.jpg (209048 bytes) The town of Carrizozo has this old CB&Q caboose in a little park along with a semaphore. May 2, 1999.
carz11.jpg (193714 bytes) This eastbound train had to stop and flag this red signal account another train just ahead being walked over that broken rail I mentioned earlier. May 2, 1999 just north of Carrizozo.
carz12.jpg (205443 bytes) And then we went further north (RR east) to Coyote, where there were multiple blades. Here a westbound train splits the blades on May 2, 1999.
carz13.jpg (222538 bytes) Another westbound is at the double pair of double blades at east Coyote, the only set of "double-doubles" left that I know of, anyways! May 2, 1999.
carz14.jpg (171668 bytes) Here is the run through autorack train, again with CSX power on the point at the "double-doubles" at Coyote on May 2, 1999. 
carz15.jpg (224017 bytes) An eastbound train climbs the grade past the signals at Coyote late in the afternoon of May 2, 1999.
carz16.jpg (196775 bytes) Right behind him was another eastbound. There were a lot of trains running on this line, and there probably will be more as the UP upgrades this line. May 2, 1999.
carz17.jpg (192009 bytes) Foamers on the hill! Here are my 2 friends, Jerry and John Sharp, blasting away with digital and film cameras. Note the huge tripod Jerry is using for his small lightweight (but very high quality) digital camera! May 2, 1999.
carz18.jpg (209884 bytes) The last blade shot of the trip was here at Robsart late in the afternoon of May 2, 1999. It certainly was an enjoyable, if all too short, trip! It was the first time that I had ever been in this area, and about time too!
carz19.jpg (170280 bytes) The next day, Monday May 3, 1999 was a travel day back here to Phoenix, AZ and on the way back we got Amtrak's No. 2 at Deming, NM. The photo turned out better than I had expected account it was really windy and there was a lot of sand in the air!

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