Here are a few examples of the stations, train order offices and section houses along the ACR.

New and/or re-scanned photos have a pale yellow cell background.

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This is the Bruce Street Station at Sault Ste Marie, which is the head office of the company. When this photo was taken, tickets were sold here, but now a new station and gift shop has been built just to the west. June 13, 1973.
Here is Train No. 2 at Heyden on April 30, 1972. I never did get a 'roster' shot of this sectionhouse.....
Northland Station - shown here after being converted into a private camp. June 28, 1988.
It is early spring at Searchmont, and here are a couple of passengers waiting for No. 1. Taken April 25, 1972.
GRStation.jpg (126181 bytes) The station at Searchmont, which is now closed, but last I knew still standing. Shown May 9, 1981.
Searchmont August 2, 1992 - note the train order board signal has been removed.
Achigan sectionhouse - November 29, 1974.
Bucyrus Flagstop shelter broken from heavy snowfall - March 5, 1980.
This is the sectionhouse at Mashkode. August 1970.
Just a few years later the old sectionhouse has been repainted white. August 15, 1992. Photo 1992 by Joe Seidl - used with permission. New April 4, 2009.
Mekatina, Mile 64.6, in August of 1970. After I hired on, I worked the Steelton-Mekatina operator relief job for about a year, and I was here the night the Edmund Fitzgerald sank in the big storm on Lake Superior.
Mekatina 9 years later on a nice sunny Dominion Day 1979. R.J. McColl's private camp (the former sectionhouse) burned down a couple of years earlier. See the above photo for the 'before' photo.
The office desk at Mekatina. Note the gas fired lights - this station was back in the bush so far that there was no electricity, other than 12 volts DC from a small generator, used just for the train radio. Nov. 24, 1976.
Mongoose - May 29, 1971. There were a lot of flag stops along the way and during the all-too-short summer season No. 1 and 2 could loose some time with all of the 'PB&E' (Passengers, Baggage & Express) business at these stations.
The sectionhouse at Batchewana (Mile 80). Taken from the tail end coach on the Agawa Canyon Tour Train in August of 1970. Note the sectionmen staring at the train...some moron kids from Detroit actually climbed up onto the roof of the coach for a "thrill"! Needless to say, that didn't last too long, as they were reported to the train and as soon as the train stopped, they climbed back into the coach. Wish I had gotten a photo of that!
Rand sectionhouse, now a private camp. July 1, 1979.
Frater Station (Mile 102.6) back in the days when there were 2 house tracks and the old engineman's bunk house (on the right). Little did I know when I took this shot in August of 1964 that 13 years later I would be working there!
This is the old section house at Frater, now a private camp. Frater July 2, 1989.
It is a gorgeous late summer evening on Dominion Day 1977 as Gary Montgomery and I are walking along the track about 2 kilometers north of Frater Station. July 1, 1977.
Canyon station, Mile 114, also in August of 1964. This was when the Agawa Canyon Tour was not too well known, and the entire consist for Canyon was one coach and the cafe car.
Perry Station - June 28, 1988.
This was the Engineman's Bunkhouse at Hawk Jct. - it burned down not too long after I took this photo on January 29, 1977.
Here is Operator Perry Wilson checking car numbers on an incoming branch train from Wawa. Hawk Jct. May 21, 1977.
This is "Opening Day" aka Victoria Day weekend, when a lot of people 'open up' their private camps for the summer season. Hawk Jct. May 21, 1977.
This was an US Army Signal Corps switchboard that somehow found its way to Hawk Jct. June 29, 1988.
Most of the ACR's revenue came from hauling sintered iron ore from here in Wawa to the steel plant at the Sault. This is all closed and leveled now...shown here May 15, 1977.
Goudreau Station - long since closed when this photo was taken October 9, 1983.
ocpr38.jpg (186384 bytes) This is the Franz station early in the morning of April 2, 1983. Franz is where the ACR crosses the CPR. This photo was taken from the front porch of Reggie's house (the Franz operator's home). This station was later moved to Dubreuilville, Ontario for use as a town civic centre. Check out this web site - The Franz Swing, by a former CPR operator. Well worth looking at!
ocpr40.jpg (150198 bytes) The night of August 26, 1983 I got this time exposure of the station at Franz. The red streaks are from the markers on a van from a westbound train. This photo was also taken from Reggie's front porch. See the daytime photo of the station above.
Mosher Station - August 8, 1996. New April 3, 2009
Mosher Station - August 8, 1996. New April 3, 2009
This is Mosher - Newaygo Timber had a large pulpwood operation here at one time, and there even used to be a train order operator stationed there. July 31, 1973.
No. 1 is coming to a stop at Wabatong on July 31, 1973. This area has some private camp operators, one of which is Errington's Wilderness Island Resort.
At another stop nearby are a bunch of tourists and campers waiting for our train. July 31, 1973.
Another bush camp stop is Woods Cabins at Mile 212. August 8, 1996. New April 3, 2009
oba_station.jpg (209660 bytes) Here is the station at Oba in July of 1976. Oba is the point where the ACR and the CNR have a crossing at grade. Like the Franz station, these building were not owned by the ACR, but the Franz and Oba operators worked for both railways. The Franz opr was an ACR employee, while the Oba opr was a CNR employee. This station has been closed for some time now, and has been torn down. Even the diamond has been removed, and ACR trains have to shunt back and forth into the siding to get across the CNR main.
Oba Station - looks like it has been closed for a while by this time - August 8, 1996. New April 3, 2009
station1.jpg (111647 bytes) Another one of the standard design section houses, this one is at Coppell, just south of Hearst. Photo taken July 31, 1973.
Wanda Station on a nice clear fall morning - October 9, 1983.
Horsey Station - August 1, 1973.
carclean.jpg (139342 bytes) This old van was used as a car cleaner's shack at Steelton yard. Shown here on June 29, 1980, it burned down a couple of years later.
This is the dispatching office at Steelton, back in the days of train sheets and manual switchboxes to call the various train order offices. Aug. 5, 1979.
nsround.jpg (110893 bytes) The ACR had one of the few indoor turntables, but it sure was appreciated on those cold nights with the wind and snow flying. At Steelton July 4, 1988.
turntable.jpg (124038 bytes) Another view of the Steelton roundhouse, taken with a 24mm lens on June 20, 1994.
This was a little display I set up for the model railroad convention "At the Soo in '82" while I was working at Frater. The fleet of HO "bogus boxcars" (in the ACR 2900 series) is still in service on my layout. Sept. of 1982.

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